Portrait of an entrepreneur: Sandrine Defradat of Hellosense

After years of working as a marketing manager for large companies, Sandrine Defradat will be retraining in SEO web writing in 2020. Do you want more freedom? Focus on yourself? Working with words? To be able to work anywhere? So many questions that Sandrine Defradat asked herself and who today tries through her Hellosense platform to help other people take the plunge: that of retraining.

Hi Sandrine, how do you go from marketing manager for major French companies to SEO writer and then creator of a platform to help people retrain?

Hello and thank you for welcoming me here at the Petit Journal. After completing my business school in Paris, I quickly joined multinational companies to manage product launches in the world of cosmetics. I learned a lot in the field of marketing, but I also always had side projects, such as writing. parallel, my personal life has also made me move a lot† After spending 10 years in Italy, I then worked in Switzerland before landing in Spain, Barcelona to be exact. This is where I wanted to start for myself. Today, many entrepreneurs launch their boxes. Me, I especially had this desire for freedom and entrepreneurship† Going back to work didn’t make me dream anymore and then, mother of two, I also wanted a certain flexibility. It was while listening to a podcast that I discovered the world of SEO web writing† I then took a distance learning course and a whole new world opened up. That of digital and its ecosystem! Me, who had worked in marketing for 10 years and had wrote two psychological thrillers, I learned a lot. It all complemented each other perfectly. I could write for start-ups in cosmetics, nutritional supplements, or others, while providing them with the SEO technique and product benefits I knew at their fingertips. A job that allowed me to work from home while traveling. And by telling this transformation around me, I realized that many people were bad at their jobthat they also wanted to change, but unfortunately they don’tI had absolutely no idea where to start and most importantly what to do.

It was in Barcelona that I wanted to start my own business, shoulder to shoulder with other entrepreneurs

With the pandemic, many people have turned to web jobs (SEO writing, copywriting, etc.). How do you distinguish yourself from others?

It is true that today’s digital professions offer many opportunities and it is quite possible to run multiple companies in this field. A web editor can sell her services while running an e-shop or a blog with membership etc. For my part, I have decided to collaborate with companies whose themes fascinate me, because it is much easier for me to write quickly and well. After working in the marketing world for 10 years, I feel perfectly comfortable writing product sheets, sales pages or newsletters that convert. So in addition to writing style, the course we took before will count when choosing an editor/copywriter. For over a year I have been working with a start-up that works closely with a digital agency. I receive monthly reports that show me that most of my articles are on the first pages of Google. Besides, I also want a blog that serves as my SEO lab to continuously test and analyze the results. If in the beginning I could devalue myself or suffer from a certain cheater syndrome, today I became aware of my real added value in terms of business and in relation to the amount of organic traffic that a well-optimized article can bring . I think this last criterion is an important point to set yourself apart from other writers.

And of course there was a desire to give more, to go even further by creating Hellosense? How did the idea come about?

The platform was born very soon after my education in SEO. Many women want to change jobs after pregnancy or following their partner abroad, but many wonder what exactly to do. It is a real problem and for some an ongoing search for meaning. Because at some point in our lives we all want to do a job that excites us and makes us want to get up in the morning. With the digital world, anything is possible† You can reinvent yourself, follow training or be coached remotely. In retraining it is very difficult to get out of your comfort zone alone, so it is necessary to practice introspection. That’s how I discovered ikigai. A powerful personality testing tool to get to know us better and help us find our life mission. This is how Hellosense was born. I especially wanted to create this platform with experts and certified coaches to help women with their professional retraining. Support them to reinvent themselves, do work that makes sense and succeed. Why women? Because unlike men, they are the ones who will ask themselves a thousand questions and struggle to feel justified in launching their project. A lack of self-confidence and a great need for flexibility to deal with children, in a society that always asks for more and as we have unfortunately been able to observe in recent years.

Unlike men, women will ask themselves a thousand questions and struggle to feel justified in launching their project.

What services does Hellosense offer? Can anyone take a Hellosense course?

Unlike books, youtube videos or other online training courses that give general advice, all of our coaching is mostly one on one and designed for women. This ensures truly personal advice based on the person, their current situation, their needs and wishes. There are programs to find your way, your ikigai or even the ideal job with job search assistance. We also have support programs for managing emotions, such as learning effectively get rid of impostor syndrome, which we talked about earlier. A lack of self-confidence can be very hindering when you want to launch your project. You need to know how to sell yourself, negotiate your prices, etc. And then there’s expert guidance for that those who want to do business : have a profitable project, attract customers on Instagram, create a visual identity, follow a wordpress training and support myself as a consultant to help them with their digital marketing strategy. Too many times I’ve seen clients launch their project and spend an insane amount of money to create an eshop. Very good, but the real difficulty is getting customers and for that you need a foundation in the world of marketing and some knowledge of SEO to drive traffic to your website. Without counting on the personal branding that is very important to distinguish yourself from the competition and attract your ideal customers.

Hellosense logo

What are the goals of Hellosense? Short-term ? Long-term ?

Our goals today are to make our programs known to the largest number of women who are thinking about professional retraining and of course to support those who want to undertake it. It’s a real challenge. Our mission is to help them in their professional development, but also personally† We also have an exchange community and a webzine rich in advice and testimonials from women who dared to change for inspiration.

I wanted to build a company that could follow me around the world without having to start from scratch.

It is often said that moving abroad disrupts our vision and approach to the world, as well as to ourselves. Would you have taken the plunge without this expat?

Big question! I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me and I got bored very quickly after 2 or 3 years, in any of my positions. I felt the need to create, to develop… Yet it is true that expats distort our vision. I guess if I had stayed with Clarins in Paris I wouldn’t necessarily have wanted to start like today. It is in Barcelona, ​​shoulder to shoulder with other entrepreneurs, seeing the good vibes, the sea and the palm trees I felt this deep need for freedom. And then I wanted to build myself a business that can follow me around the world, without having to start all over again by looking for a job and submitting my resume.

Then I want to add that motherhood also upsets many women, expats or not. Due to the pandemic, some of them have found a better balance by working from home to manage their time without having to stand in traffic, for example. It is very important to being able to reconcile professional and personal life, to feel fully satisfied. No matter what work we do and where, we should enjoy it, because we only have one life. To never regret.

Expatriation distorts our vision. I guess if I had stayed in Paris I wouldn’t necessarily have had the desire to start like today

What can we wish you for the future?

Guide as many women as possible in their new projects. To see them bloom and bloom and tell themselves that anything is possible. We can reinvent ourselves, acquire new skills, do work that we enjoy and that adapt to our lifestyle. As Joan Baez says so well “You can’t choose how or when you die. But you can decide how you will live. Utilities! »

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