Football. National 3 (Normandy). What to remember from the weekend of the Calvados clubs

An almost radiant Saturday for Calvados residents during this 22and championship day, with two wins for Vire and Dives-Cabourg and a draw for AG Caen who missed the penalty 3-2 in the 94and minute. The cup is full for Bayeux.

Spins, points, more points

Finally, the Virois materialize their excellent period and return to the first part of the table thanks to two current series: four games without defeat (three wins and one draw) and a remarkable accumulation away from eight games without defeat.

With this 1-3 success in Quevilly-Rouen they place a 6and place and want to end the season in style. Cédric Hoarau’s men are one point behind Saint-Lô, 5andtheir next host in a fortnight and two points from Alençon, 4and


Referee: M. Vankerkhoven

GOALS. Quevilly-Rouen B: Kaloga (38’sp); Runs: Charlier (18’sp), Kawczynski (64′), Lamrabette (71′).

LAID OFF : Deschateaux, Flucher, Illand, Boucaud, Ferron, Charlier, Kiniffo, N’Zigou, Toufiqui, Kawczynski, Lamrabette, Bekombo, Roux, Belmiloud, Valera, Bertheaume. Coach : Cedric Hoarau.

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Diving-Cabourg, it’s just right

After a long period of scarcity, punctuated by three defeats to the top three in the standings, the Divais completed their black streak by beating Alençon (4and† Finally Heurtematte smiled again and the SUDC reds let themselves out with a 10and place (21 points ahead of Cherbourg by one length and AG Caen by three and one game less). The maintenance test isn’t over yet, but the pressure of the result drops slightly before a fifteen-day truce.


Referee: Mr. Louet.

GOALS. Mendy (13′), Chauvel (35′).

DIVING-CABOURG : Chambey, Koutele (Adoueni 80′), Chauvel, Lefrançois, Becherel, Baldian (Auvray 64′), Thoris, Mayulu, Marchal, Miquilan, Mendy (Languet 54′). Coach : Philippe Clemens.

ALENCON : Hanquinquant, Hiaumet, Lepage, Laigneau (Truet 6′), Demougeot, Guyonnet (Giroult 46′), El Himri, Raddas, El Hamdaoui, Tessier, Dimuenay. Coach : Vincent Laigneau.

AG Caen, so close to the three points

Indeed, between Cherbourg and AG Caen it takes the race against time to maintain. It will continue after their confrontation and point sharing. Malcom Perian equalized at 1-1, the other striker Kévin Goba at 2-2, it seemed the lesser evil. Only saw Morgan Hardoin’s penalty diverted in the 94and minute. Victory seemed within reach of the Caennais.

Annoying while waiting for a new test match for maintenance in a meeting to catch up next Saturday in Venoix. Indeed, AG Caen (12and) receives Romily (13and), only a point separates these two formations. Woe to the loser and a draw will not solve the situation at the start of the final sprint.


GOALS. Cherbourg: Dubois (56′), Suzanne (82’csc) AG Caen: Perian (64′), Goba (88′).

CHERBOURG : Pelleray, Loisel, Sabri, Dubois, Hélaine, Leguerrier, Tendeng, Kerjean (Boury 71′), Kumbi (Thioune 77′), Faty, Jeanne (Lefevre 60′). Coach : Jean-Marie Elie.

AG CAEN : Guesnet, Hardoin, Lembo, Hamel, Dias, Tessier, Suzanne (Gosnet 84′), Montout (Renaux 63′), Roynel, Perian, Goba. Coach : Julien LePen.

Bayeux, the cup is full

It’s about time the Bayeux FC Galley Slaves Championship comes to an end. Faced with Évreux, a ruthless leader, the Bayeusains took the biggest blow of their season, 5-0, including four in the pack in the first period.

As a result, Bayeux became the worst defense in the group with 44 goals conceded and joined AG Caen for this less than honorary title. Four more games to fight for the Bessin club before returning to National 3.

BAYEUX – EVREUX: 0-5 (0-4).

Referee: Mr Lixon.

GOALS. Evreux: I. Mendes (2′, 24′), Harvin (4′, 44′), Kabongo (47′).

BAYEUX: Driaux, Etienne, Kouassi, Delain (André 82′), Martin, Bisson, Pelletier (Beuve 73′), Yaya, Anquetil, Serio, Renouf (Lefrançois 77′). Coach : Olivier Joba.

Football. National 3 (Normandy). What to remember from the weekend of the Calvados clubs

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