Football: Sion comes out of nowhere and loses everything in the 97th minute

After bidding worst and then best against YB, the Walliser club were stripped of what appeared to be theirs after a penalty whistled by the VAR (1-2). That doesn’t help his situation.

Jordan Siebatcheu gave the Young Boys the victory in the 97th minute, much to the dismay of Birama Ndoye and the Wallisers.


At Tourbillon, we had chosen to lower prices for the arrival of Young Boys to fill the stands as best we could when FC Sion, under the mathematical threat of FC Lucerne returning, had yet to ensure its maintenance. A promotion that has resulted in seats being sold for -50%, provided you book them through the club’s website.

The action wasn’t enough to move the crowd or convince the indecisive to devote their early Sunday afternoon to discovering what a team might look like that, after scoring five goals a week earlier in Zurich, had to react in front of its crowd…

If the operation met any degree of popular success, it would not allow the Valais to rejoin a win in Tourbillon, which has been sulking for two months. Worse, they would lose everything at the end of stoppage time when Siebatcheu converted a VAR penalty for a foul by Cavaré on Garcia (97th). A dramatic outcome that could put Sion in serious trouble if Lucerne beat the Lausanne red lantern at the end of the afternoon.

A burning balloon

After a final home game against Basel without the slightest shot on target, the crowd could finally be there before tackling a test between the posts, Bua’s work, forcing Von Ballmoos to lie down (19th). Faced with a Walliser team appearing at kick-off without a notable attacker (Stojilkovic on the bench), the remainder of the first would be almost exclusively the visitors’. We got to see a lot of Fickentscher, who intervened for Rieder (24th) and Mambimbi (35th) after being rescued by his little net after a recovery from Siebatcheu (23rd). As YB quietly rolled out by imposing his technical mastery, Sion, unable to project himself offensively except for a breakthrough from Baltazar (44th), had to above all manage to excite his fans, annoyed by the poverty of the “game” that was inflicted on them. An irritation that eventually overcomes the players, who never know what to do with a ball that is burning at their feet.

Stojilkovic enters and equalizes

After the crowd had put up with the worst, it would be entitled to a more balanced second act, better quality, while remembering that he could play football too if you let him go. In fact, a huge opportunity presented itself, which Bua, served by Itaitinga, was unable to convert (58th). The opposite of a Vincent Sierro who, barely inside, managed to capitalize on a corner from Rieder.

Vincent Sierro, the... Valaisan of FC Sion, opened the scoring for Young Boys.

Vincent Sierro, the… Valaisan of FC Sion, opened the scoring for Young Boys.


At 0-1, Tramezzani finally decided to put in a real pair of attackers. Immediate result: On a deviation from Karlen pushed back through the bar, Stojilkovic delivered a furious heel. Initially canceled due to an offside position, the equalizing goal was validated by VAR. Tourbillon gave itself an insane final. In the aftermath, a highly questionable offside position robbed Stojilkovic, launched into the depths by Karlen, of the double.

Wounded Valais?

Thinking he’d kept his point, Sion went on to lose it all when the odd Mr Piccolo whistled a penalty after being consulted on his control screen following the intervention of the VAR experts (Cavaré foul on Garcia). 1-2 final and great fury from the Wallisers, considering themselves injured.

Sion now needs a performance from Lausanne against Lucerne not to start shaking for good.

tourbillon9600 spectators. Arbitrator: Mr Piccolo.
goals: 65th Sierra 0-1. 81st Stojilkovic 1-1. 97th Siebatcheu (penalty kick) 1-2.
If we: Fickentscher; Saintini (76th Berardi), Ndoye, Bamert; zuffy; Cavare, Baltazar, Grgic, Marquinhos; Itaitinga (66th Stojilkovic), Bua (66th Karlen). Trainer: P. Tramezzani.
Young Boys: from Ballmoos; Maceiras (62nd Blum), Camara, Lustenberger, Garcia; Fernandes (62nd Kanga), Rieder, Niasse (62nd Sierra), Ngamaleu (81st J. Monteiro); Mambimbi (87th Maier), Siebatcheu. Coach: Mr. vanetta.
Comments: Sion without Fayulu, Kabashi, Wesley (injured), Benito, Keita (suspended), Martic, Serey Die, Vagner, Hoarau, Tosetti (not called up). YB without Zesiger, Lauper, Lefort, Petignat, Fassnacht, Zvangen (injured), Elia (suspended). 87′: Stojilkovic goal canceled due to offside.
Warnings: 11th Siebatcheu. 45th Baert. 68th Grgic. 70th Marquinhos. 92nd Ndoye.

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