From May 6 to 8 in Valentina Shopping Mall – Crazy Shopping: the meeting place for bargains!

Bizarre prices and exclusive products. For three days, during “Crazy Shopping”, organized by Events Plus in collaboration with Radio Plus and Le Défi Media Group, you can discover offers on a wide range of products.

Everything for the kitchen

From floor to ceiling, from furniture to small appliances and utensils… From May 6 to 8, as part of Crazy Shopping, in Valentina Shopping Mall, in Phoenix, you will discover the whole world of cooking.

SSS Furniture, located in the Phoenix industrial zone, is one of the exhibitors that will be in attendance. A way for the company to increase its visibility, but also to showcase some of its furniture. Thanks to a projection, visitors also discover modern kitchen furnishings in melamine wood.

“The focus will be on customization and storage spaces in the kitchen. We offer easy-to-clean kitchens and practical gadgets such as bottle racks, spice racks and cabinet storage,” explains Maya Sewnath, director of SSS Furniture. Discounts of 25% to 30% are applied.

Million Teak, specialist in solid wood, will in turn offer you complete kitchen furniture. “We are also going to present our modular kitchens as a preview. This is a new concept that allows visitors to choose kitchen furniture adapted to their space. We practice up to 30% off,” said Fawzi Dil Hossain, director of Million Teak.

Casa Emporium relies on trendy products. From tagine pots to kitchen island lighting, high chairs and cup holders, the company will offer a variety of items. “During the three days, visitors will benefit from up to 50% promotion on our products,” says director Twafiq Dil Hossain.

For those who are building or renovating, Ceramic City not only offers kitchen tile and quartz, but also 304 stainless steel and acrylic sinks. “We notice a trend towards large-format tiles in the kitchen. Ours are plain or patterned, depending on the taste,” said Assad Caunhye, director of Ceramic City. It offers 15% discount on the occasion of Crazy Shopping.

For its part, KSF Retousse Co arrives. Ltd, during these three days, with a range of items for the kitchen, from small to larger appliances, such as a gas oven, a set of pans and saucepans with non-stick coating, kettle, Bel Air brand airfryer, gas hob, built-in oven, microwave, deep fryer… “Only these three days we are giving a 30% to 40% discount on our stand”, says director Alladin Karamuth.

The Ocean company, which will also be in attendance, will sell more than 200 models and colors of ultra-absorbent and 100% cotton tea towels. “We have been supplying fantastic products at rock-bottom prices for 26 years,” says Rohil Suryakant Makhecha, director of Ocean. Given the economic situation, he says, the company prefers excellent value for money.

Improve your bathroom

Storage space is just as important in the bathroom. For example, SSS Furniture offers a range of options in terms of storage furniture and other modern decorations for this often neglected space. For the occasion, discounts of 25% to 30% are applied.

On the Million Teak side there are solid wood bathroom furniture in which you can store your linens and bedding. Also available, rustic wooden mirrors. If you stop by the stand, you will receive discounts of up to 50%.

At the Casa Emporium stand you will find bathroom cabinets and washbasins, as well as storage furniture. The store will also offer a variety of bath mats.

The cranes will be on display at Ebramjee’s stand. Especially those of the brand Remer, made in Italy.

In the same category, Ceramic City will benefit from Oroca brand faucets, sanitary ware such as washbasins, toilets… The company also offers non-slip bathroom tiles from Italy, Spain and France. ‘India.

Mikach brand gas showers and floor mats will be on display at the KSF Retousse Co Ltd stand, as well as several towel rails and mirrors. Discounts from 30% to 40% are offered.

Practical information

Rendezvous will be held at the Valentina Shopping Mall, in Phoenix, from May 6 to 8, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. “Crazy Shopping” is organized in accordance with all applicable health measures and visitors must absolutely observe barrier gestures when shopping. For more information, please call 5449 0033.

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