Meta-Hebdo: NFTs in your image in the metaverse?

Appearance is often not what it seems – We see it weekly in our Meta-Weekly, the metaverse growsThe sandpit, Decentraland or even more traditional platforms like Roblox, these social spaces of the future are animated by avatars. Your digital alter ego is then the one that represents you. Thanks to web3 technologies, we can now give authenticity and rarity to this avatar thanks to NFTs.

Like the latest fashion piece, owning a trendy NFT to display in the metaverse or even on social networks is an increasingly popular human reflex. The habit does not make the monk, however. The freedom of appearances that the metaverse offers us can also have its shortcomings. One thing leads to another, and as a tireless chorus, we understand why certain players in the cryptosphere are developing a necessary education in the metavers.

In order not to get lost in the Meta-Hebdo:

Nike: NFTs from head to toe

This week, the sports brand Nike, unveiled a collection of NFTs sneakers (sneakers in French): the Cryptokicks† The release of this collection was predictable. Indeed, the acquisition of the famous design studios RTFK (makers of NFT Clone X) had already confirmed the brand’s interest in web3.

But for all the appeal that a brand like Nike can have, access to these sneakers is currently reserved for a small number of privileged people. Indeed, these NFTs are only available in boxes. These boxes themselves are only available when one owns a famous NFT Clone-X, an avatar believed to be worn by Nike in the future.

In its race to the metaverse, Nike has also filed several trademarks that underline the contours of a roadmap. Application for downloadable computer software, digital wallet … the ingredients of a marketplace (marketplace) seem to be united.

“Nike focuses on potential ways to use blockchain technology to serve our consumers in athletic footwear, apparel and equipment.

Statement from a representative of Nike

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After Nike, Decathlon launches NFT sneakers on Tezos (XTZ)

However, the choice is already available to you in the metaverse when it comes to shoes. Indeed, on April 26, Decathlon Street Football proposed to conduct its first tests in web3. The sports brand offers holders of Kipsta Barrio sneakers a NFT as scratch card† It allows you to take advantage of interactive and physical experiences with Séan Garnier, three-time French Freestyle Football champion.

Each pair of sneakers is therefore associated with an NFT on the Tezos blockchain. This comes in the form of a scratch card. It gives access to personalized and exclusive experiences with the Foot Freestyle champion.

“For Decathlon, Kipsta’s Barrio project is the first step into the world of blockchain and NFTs. We hope this partnership with Séan Garnier will lead to much more for these NFTs, and we can’t wait for the public to adopt this new pair. [de baskets]† †

Valentin Auvinet, Decathlon NFT Manager

Tweet from Nomadic Labs announcing NFT tickets associated with your Kipsta basketball.
The first Decathlon NFT associated with the Kepsta basketball – Source: Twitter

Being beautiful in web3 has a price!

All these collections that have been created in recent weeks are also arousing interest. From Bored Ape Yacht to The Sandbox, some NFTs are worth their weight in gold! And just this week it was owls that caught the light. moonbirds is an NFT collection of 10,000 night bird avatars. Launched on April 16, 2022 by Proof, a startup founded by venture capitalist Kevin Rose, Moonbirds rose to prominence with record sales.

Moonbird #2642 was indeed sold for 350 ETH, or more than a million dollars, on Opensea’s NFT marketplace, the NFT selling platform. The proud owner of this green owl is none other than The Sandbox, a blockchain gaming company and subsidiary of Animoca Brands.

NFTs to raise awareness

In addition to appearances, NFTs offer significant freedom of expression. After all, they benefit from the absence of intermediaries and decentralization. Original, artistic, political and sometimes provocative initiatives also populate the blockchain.

For example, the digital creative agency Georgia-based Leavestone sells kit Russia, territory by territory, in the form of NFT. 5% of NFT sales will help rebuild Ukraine. 2,443 Russian regions as part of the first phase of the “Russia for Sale” initiative. The second phase of the project involves the purchase of NFTs of Russian monuments.

To support Ukraine, Livingstone sells plots in the Russia region in NFT.
Russia for sale

Shiba, the watchdog of the metaverse

However, this freedom in the metaverse has its limits. We have been able to observe them in the very young shiba metaverse† Created on February 8, 2022, the virtual dog universe made about $20 million in ethers (ETH) during the first two phases of the sale of its plots. On April 12, 36,000 of Shiba Inu’s 100,000 virtual lots went on sale.

Some owners then felt free in the furry crypto metaverse. Especially one of them who drew a swastika in the metaverse. The developers’ decision was not long in coming. By using the symbol of the Third Reich, this person with more than questionable taste has been blacklisted, blacklisted. This example shows the need for new regulations, education and behavior adapted to the social space of the metavers to prevent these abuses.

“We do not tolerate the use of hate speech, expressions of intolerance or bigotry (…) at the discretion of the community moderation team. Any account or individual that tries to harm others is also not allowed. †

Community Moderation Team – Source: Twitter.

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From reflection to mirage: educating yourself in the face of risk

A school for crypto investors in the metaverse

Raising public awareness, making them suspicious and concerned about their digital security and learning is not an easy task. Cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and NFTs attract beginners who are sometimes still too naive

Fidelity brokerage firm links its Bitcoin investment to creating a school in the metaverse. Indeed, the company, which manages $11.3 trillion in assets, is now looking to expand. However, the need to educate the company’s young clients about crypto investments is essential to Fidelity. The Fidelity Stack, a virtual school in Decentraland, will then become a real learning center for blockchain investments.

“Built in Decentraland, the Fidelity Stack features a multi-level design complete with a rooftop lobby, dance floor and sky garden that users can explore on foot or even teleport. †

Fidelity Stack Announcement

The Metaverse and the Web3: Play Spaces

The game remains one of the best ways to convert new users for now. From the temptation to win playing to earn or move to earn games, the argument of income generated by playing has seduced more than one person.

Louis Vuitton chose this strategy. Thus, the luxury brand combines many entertaining themes. These themes make it possible to offer their members their first experiences in web3. Playful and educational, the approach of the Louis Vuitton brand is done gently through a decentralized game. Players learn the history of the brand and evolve from world to world, guided by Viviane, the avatar of the brand. As a reward, free NFTs will be distributed on the Ethereum blockchain

some images of the poetic universe of Louis: The game universe of the NFT game of Louis Vuitton
The Universe of Louis: The Game, NFT game from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton

For now, the brand retains control over its environment. Indeed, by making NFTs free, you don’t have to set prices for these digital goods that are limited to use in the game. Available on Android and Apple and with two million downloadsRecent updates have added additional levels in which players must recover 16 pages of a manuscript, biography of the brand’s founder.

Also, NFTs will tell a lot about us in the future. Fashionable avatar, sign of community membership, non-replaceable objects are the ideal tool to interest a wider audience. Many beginners are interested in cryptocurrencies through NFT games (Challenge Kingdoms or even more recently StepN)† A real springboard to DeFi, players then try beyond thepurchase of cryptocurrencies to decentralized financial services.

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