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– Towards Limogne-en-Quercy to start this meeting with a tweet from the group The post office who, through a video report, highlights Ludivine Raynel’s busy schedule: she is “In the morning the postman and in the afternoon the postal worker from France Services, where she facilitates the procedures for users of the nine operators of the network. Two facets of the same sense of service »† We would like to say even more: to emphasize an attachment to the public services that areas like the Lot so desperately need and to which the population, and not just the rural population, is so attached… Bravo Madame Ludivine!

– We continue with this message from the specialized site “Texts, blog &
RockNRoll” dedicated to the program of the next Cahors Blues Festival. “With many artists that we have already reviewed several times” pay attention to our colleagues. It is Jean-François Convert, also an employee of France Télé (culture section) who manages this site. In his time, for example, he interviewed Popa Chubby who will be in the Lot in July. The artist confided to him in 2018 his aversion to Trump’s America, but also: ” I love coming to France! It is a beautiful country, very diverse, every region is different. I’ve been playing in France for 25 years… It really is my second home! I’ve played in the Bataclan many times before the tragedy. All this really speaks to people’s resilience. They come back and nothing can stop them. It’s really the spirit of France, you know. France gave the Americans democracy. You taught us how society should be, and we often forget that. With this child of George W. Bush, for example, the United States is characterized by choosing an enemy and concentrating on it. I remember when I said I was going on a tour in France, some people said to me, “But what are you going to do in France? “. What idiots!”

– In a completely different area, this focus of the economic magazine Touléco on “The Cahors Sud business park (which dreams of becoming an aviation hub” “The Covid-19 crisis, which grounded the aviation sector, has not dampened the hopes of the open mixed union of Cahors Sud (Smocs). Three years ago, almost an eternity in the face of health news, this syndicate that manages the Cahors Sud business park, located on 300 hectares at exit 58 of the A20 motorway, decided to develop and operate three hectares of land in three plots. This surface was not chosen arbitrarily: it adjoins the aircraft parking lot, located on the 1500 m long runway of Cahors-Lalbenque airport, which registers an average of between 7000 and 8000 movements (light, business and leisure) per year. The objective of this real estate operation is clear: to attract aviation subcontractors and new players in light or carbon-free aviation to a site halfway between two aviation zones – Toulouse and Figeac. †

– We start with this report published in L’Aurore, dated April 22, 1947. An anthology recounting the misadventures of Minister André Philip, Minister of the Economy from January 1946 to October 1947. He wanted to modernize the era of reconstruction and rapidly , introducing 10% price cut on New Year’s Eve in 1946… But when it came time to explain the decisions in the provinces, things got more complicated. Hence his fate-accident recounted with delight by our colleagues at the time. Title : “Unwanted in Cahors… as elsewhere: strike by guests at the Philip banquet”† Text : “The Fourth Republic will have created at least one tradition: that of the Sunday trips of its ministers. Indeed, not a week goes by that the most prancing foals of the Ramadier herd do not gracefully frolic for the amusement of the population. But sometimes they break their noses – foals. This is what happened on Sunday to Mr André Philip on a “study trip” to Cahors. Because ministerial trips are always ‘study’. Secure ! †

– “First failed banquet… We had prepared it for a long time, this visit of Mr Philip in the Lot – and even refined it. A few days before “the big day”, the prefect had tested the Chamber of Commerce:

‘Well,’ said the prefect, ‘we are going to organize a big banquet in Cahors in honor of the minister, aren’t we?

– If you want… – Maybe you can organize it yourself… – Nib!

– How ? do you refuse?

– No, but you cannot imagine that we, traders, have a banquet for a gentleman who will do anything to oppress us! Lyrically. †

– “Second failed banquet… The Prefect then contacted the Municipality of Saint-Céré…

“Would you like to see Mr Philip?”

– Pleasure…

– Plan for 150 covers! Invitations were sent to industrialists, merchants, craftsmen, small entrepreneurs and officials in the region: for the modest sum of 300 francs, these lucky men were invited to see the minister eat in Saint-Céré on Sunday evening. Unfortunately! OF THE 150 INVITATIONS PROVIDED ONLY 9 WERE FILLED AND RETURNED! 9 x 300 = 2,700 francs. It was meager – even for a minister of … the national economy. At the same time, the Interprofessional Group of Employers and Trade Unions of the Lot – which had refused to participate in the banquet – distributed the following poster: Tradesmen, Industrialists, Craftsmen / On the occasion of the arrival in the Lot of Mr. A. Philip, Minister of National Economy, it is worth recalling the words spoken by this minister on March 20 in Bordeaux: “Public policies will gradually lead to the disappearance of small industries and traders in favor of large companies with modern equipment and methods of rational work; there will be casualties, but you will not win a victory without many losses. Opening hostilities, in a sense! So much so that the Saint-Céré banquet was canceled at the extreme. †

– “And do you know how the very official AFP explains the coup? – Contrary to what had been announced, she states seriously, Mr André Philip, Minister of National Economy, did not go to Saint-Céré, where he was supposed to chair a banquet, because the program of his visit to the Lot was too busy. Textual again! It doesn’t matter: we couldn’t cancel the minister anyway! Who had prepared such a beautiful speech. Mr Philip arrived on Sunday morning: he drank a vin d’honneur at the town hall, chaired a planning committee, was received by his socialist friends from Cahors, and so on. And at 3 p.m., in the prefecture, he received the Group of Employers and Craftsmen of the Lot. Speaking on behalf of the group, Mr Paul Garnal:

– We want to tell you, Minister, that we do not accept being expropriated from our professions and placed outside the nation and the Republic. And we also want to say that if you have decided to make omelettes, we are not willing to deliver the eggs to you.

Head of Mr Philip who answered half fig half grape: – I take the eggs everywhere! †

“Last called, the merchants of Cahors…

Meanwhile, the prefect continued to attend to his banquet. Because you think a minister doesn’t go out to dinner. So he simply invited the minister to the… prefecture, at the expense of the general council. And bah. We had planned 200 covers. It was difficult to gather a hundred guests. While it would usually be quite the opposite… And Mr Philip could easily boast of the beauty of interventionism. But his speech was not broadcast. N/A! Ah he can say he will remember his journey in Lot, Mr Philip..† †

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