Oxyaverse: the aesthetic metaverse made in France that is shaking up the Web3 ecosystem

Shortly after the transformation from Facebook to Meta, entrepreneurs around the world jumped on the bandwagon and launched their own take on the metaverse. During this period, some successes arose, such as The Sandbox Decentraland or Roblox, but Oxya Origin is by far one of the most promising and innovative.

Indeed, as the NFT and metaverse market is being structured and we are only at the beginning of this new (r)evolution, certain features are essential for analyzing metaverses and forming a critical opinion. In addition to the central community, the artistic touch and the experience promised to the user are undoubtedly also important success factors, which only manage to tick off a handful of projects. Let’s take a closer look at Oxya Origin’s success and its recipe for reinventing the aesthetic metaverse in its own way.

Oxya Origin, at the start of an aesthetic and fun metaverse

The project was founded by an ambitious family that is growing day by day. Composed of creatives and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in various fields who: Shaping the Future of Web 3.0† It was announced in December 2021 and sold as the first aesthetic metavers including a Collaborate-To-Earn and provide players with PVP and PVE gaming experiences. Their Discord server generated more than 80,000 members nicknamed “Oxyans” in its first 24 hours, thanks to marketing genius, technical innovations, and unique designs. They then capitalized on their dream launch by exhausting their first collection of 7,898 3D avatars in just 20 minutes, designed by the talented Laury Guintrand, an artist known for her experiences with The Avengers, The Witcher, Martian, Gucci and Nike. .

@Oxya Origini

The above wallpaper was not only chosen by the community with a Pre-DAO, but it is also the beginning of dynamic NFTs† Oxya Origin is the first to offer it and thus always keeps their collections at the forefront of design. Today’s market is indeed highly competitive and these projects must now use all the tools available to establish themselves as the killer app.

From metaverse to OXYAVERSE

Oxya Origin Creates Large-Scale Blockchain Metaverse Aiming To Be The First Collaborate-To-Earn Game where players can earn money, in the form of $OXYA tokens/tokens, by teaming up with friends to complete missions, mine resources, conquer territory, and more. Players will never get bored of the same scenery because the OXYAVERSE is a diverse ecosystem made up of three planets with different atmospheres† Kryo, the economic center is covered in ice; Luxion, the entertainment and game center is filled with magma & Naya, the land of luxury, culture and well-being is an arid desert.

@Oxya Originc

Each planet is designed to provide brands with tailor-made digital solutions through integrated marketing by providing them with opportunities to digital real estate portfolio† The creative direction of the project revolves around futuristic 3D designs that combine an ancient culture with a dystopian future. Therefore, it offers a plethora of opportunities to explore, design, experiment and communicate on a larger scale than basic projects like The Sandbox. Oxya Origin emphasizes gameplay and storytelling to give users a reason to play and direct traffic to certain parts of the map. Nevertheless, the project is keeping the community center stage by providing Oxyas holders with multiple perks and airdrops and proximity perks with a slew of brands and other celebrities already in love.

To follow up on the successful release of their Oxyan characters, the Oxya Origin team is currently preparing for the approaching country currency† These digital assets represent a slice of physical space in their digital world and allow players to anchor in the rich universe. Lands will be useful in the game thanks to the unique governance system that ensures players retain power no matter what happens behind the scenes. They also found a winning formula by placing on their land collectible resources of various rarities, giving them an intrinsic value with respect to the usefulness of each resource to create, enhance, or trade NFTs.

They also provide a great opportunity for brands and businesses to expand into new audiences and practices. while adapting to the ever-changing demands of consumers. Lands can also be seen as a smart investment for entrepreneurs and speculators, as well as to shape the world in its own way as the world moves towards a digital future and the value of decentralized assets continues to rise. Several metaverse projects like this have sold their lands in recent weeks and Oxya Origin is considered the ultimate choice.

$OXYA and more

The Lands of the OXYAVERSE arriving in late March 2022 and the whitelist is already open. Plots are available in different sizes on all three planets.

Today, the French start-up has a huge Discord community of over 220,000 Oxyans and 350k across all networks. They are also preparing a $OXYA token/token and an internal marketplace to transact. According to their step-by-step plan; pets, quests and utility accessories are just some of the many innovations we can expect from them in the near future. Already supported by more than 3000 holders, the most renowned multinational companies are said to be involved in the project. We will soon reveal this to you and put it as one of the safest and most promising investment opportunities in the blockchain. Finally, their massive volume of 12.4k ETH traded on Opensea is a sign of the project’s initial success.

To learn more and not miss any of the following reveals, follow them on their networks.

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