Spotted by Ingrid | Is a virtual fashion week really the future of fashion?

From March 24 to 27, the virtual universe Decentraland will therefore offer the first Metaverse Fashion Week or a dematerialized fashion week… An event not to be taken lightly, when we know that some 70 brands, artists and designers will be announced, including major names like Dolce&Gabbana, Etro, Tommy Hilfiger, Cavalli or IKKS. In addition, other big names in fashion are also present, such as the Selfridges department store, very involved, which inaugurated a store in Decentraland for the occasion. Here they offer an immersive experience that takes you into the fashion world of Paco Rabanne against a backdrop of hypnotic works à la Vasarely.

The video of the day:

How it works ?

It’s simple and intuitive, you don’t need to download a program or buy any hardware, you just need a tablet or PC. Surf to the event website ( and if you don’t feel like creating an account: click on “Play as guest”. You will then have to create an avatar (morphology, hair, clothes and accessories…) that will be your character in this virtual universe. From there you can visit a whole host of virtual events, from the “Explore” menu.
Events will be held in the UNXD Luxury District, a retail space “inspired by Avenue Montaigne”. On Friday, a virtual catwalk welcomes brands such as Etro, Placebo, French Couture Elie Saab, Franck Muller, Monnier frères or IKKS… The result? A virtual fashion show where the clothes are worn by avatars. Some outfits can be bought and worn (virtually) by your avatar, but we assure you that other virtual pieces will have an equivalent for sale in the real world. Several panels and conferences are also planned on decentralized trading, digital fashion and NFTs. … And even an interview with Tommy Hilfiger on Friday at 2 pm, amid various animations and musical or artistic performances.

This virtual world, what is it for?

When everyone understands the benefits of scrolling through virtual clothing on dematerialized mannequins, and the artistic side of these virtual presentations, it is clear that purchasing these pieces poses a comprehension problem for neophytes.
For example, Forever 21 and other brands will be selling virtual fashion products in NFT during this MVFW, namely “non-fungible token” pieces that don’t exist separately in the digital universe… So you buy a space in a video game, an avatar, a pet, a filter or digital clothing… But it can also be a digital work of art. These NFT purchases are said to be tamper-proof and indestructible, and sometimes they have a real-world equivalent and are just a kind of passport: in the case of a watch, for example, the date and place of manufacture, the origin of the components, their environmental footprint, the name of the watchmaker who made your watch, but also any information related to the life of your object. When was it repaired, resold or worn, which stars have we seen it on, in which advertising campaigns, a series of information that changes its value… A more playful and dematerialized after-sales service.

Why do we care?

Some strongly criticize this new way of luxury marketing. Because this activity is energy-intensive (rare metals) and not very ecologically sound, an overpriced pair of virtual sneakers seems even more useless and vain than its real counterpart. Others also criticize this new form of speculation, in particularly volatile markets where the risk of someone reducing their investment to zero is therefore very high: a viral tweet, fake news and prices rise or fall. And then there’s the more general problem of vanity and addiction to digital, luxury brands and over-consumption in general, which are worrisome. While cookies, the protection of privacy and the tracking of our consumption habits are debated today, this type of trade is worrying and ultimately leaves a large part of the population skeptical already wondering how to use them more in real life. responsible parts and accessories can pay…

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