The Complete Guide to Designing a Natural Bohemian Kitchen on a Budget

If you are looking for fresh ideas for decorating your kitchen, don’t hesitate to take inspiration from the following lines. Discover how to create a natural bohemian kitchen and introduce trends in this room.

To adopt the natural bohemian style in your kitchen, keep in mind that natural elements and earth tones are your best allies. The biggest advantage of the boho style is that it is one of the cheapest ways to furnish a space. Whether your kitchen is small or large, these ideas will help you create the right bohemian aesthetic. Keep in mind that bohemian-style kitchens are very colorful and contain many natural objects, such as house plants.

Bet on natural elements and earth tones to create a natural bohemian kitchen

Bohemian style kitchen design

Mix and match colors and styles to create a unique space and use accessories that mean something to you. Childhood treasures, vacation memories, family heirlooms and vintage finds all have their place in bohemian kitchen decor. Of course, bohemian kitchen decor doesn’t have to be bold and bright. Instead, embrace vintage kitchen ideas that can also channel bohemian vibes — think ruffled lampshades, lace tablecloths, and faded kilim rugs. Remember, if you’re using a bold pattern on the cabinets and walls, it’s best to keep the pattern on the floor to a minimum.

Bohemian style kitchen furniture

If you prefer a more sophisticated modern bohemian kitchen design, opt for natural wood cabinets and a creamy white backsplash, for example. For a more eclectic kitchen, opt for a teal painted kitchen island with a rustic touch. Consider lining the wall with white stoneware tiles and bet on white cabinets.

Mix and match colors and styles to create a unique space

bring nature into your home

Tips for Introducing the Bohemian Aesthetic

When designing a bohemian kitchen, take a moment to explore and discover your own color palette. Try mixing materials and shapes, mixing vintage and modern furniture and mixing eclectic designs. Note that the bohemian aesthetic creates a look that is full of colors and textures and is sure to add a personal touch to your interior. So you have the opportunity to express yourself through the choice of colors. Cabinets are an important part of a kitchen design. Keep in mind, though, that traditional furnishings can look out of place in a bohemian kitchen. Instead, embrace the laid-back, life-changing nature of bohemian design by incorporating freestanding kitchen ideas into your space, be it a simple cabinet or a full kitchen.

Bohemian aesthetics create a look bursting with color and texture

kitchen tiles in bohemian chic style in turquoise blue on the wall

Which colors to choose?

One of the best things about bohemian kitchen decoration is the freedom it offers, especially when it comes to wall color. While earthy browns, greens and grays can provide a soothing backdrop to your kitchen decor, you can also opt for more vibrant paint ideas. Bohemian-style kitchens are a wonderful space to get bold and add a burst of warm, cheerful colors. An eclectic kitchen filled with vintage furniture, open shelving, patterned textiles and tableware is ideal for vibrant color that pairs beautifully with natural wood finishes and travel-inspired accessories.

Opt for more vibrant painting ideas

bohemian kitchen furniture in bright colors floral wallpaper

Introduce natural elements

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating living plants into your interior. Hang plants from the ceiling and place pots full of herbs on shelves to bring the bohemian look to life. Consider replacing wall cabinets with open shelves for a brighter, more characterful space. Bohemian style, these open shelves are the perfect backdrop to show off decorative elements such as colored glasses and vintage mugs.

Provide some open wall space or a few shelves to display decorative items

natural bohemian kitchen open shelves decorative objects

Choose the right light sources

Kitchen lighting ideas are one of the cornerstones of kitchen design. Indeed, lighting can transform the entire room. In any room, the pendant will be the hero of your project and therefore make a statement. When choosing the right lighting element for your bohemian kitchen decor, consider installing a vintage-style wall lamp that brings color in addition to lighting. Consider introducing pops of color on vintage or patterned fixtures to emphasize the bohemian style.

Introduce color accents on the lighting fixtures to emphasize the bohemian style

vintage bohemian kitchen blue wall color fixtures

When designing a kitchen, rugs should not be overlooked as they can add warmth, color and texture to a decor. After all, it’s the finishing touches that make the difference in a room. However, when considering kitchen rug ideas, it’s important that they are durable, machine washable and look good. To create the perfect bohemian-style kitchen, bet on a flat woven rug that you can pair with rustic furniture.

The finishing touch really makes the difference in a room

scandinavian bohemian kitchen white cabinets wooden floor

Which materials to choose?

Choose materials that create a warm and welcoming environment to take on the natural bohemian style in your kitchen. Do not use materials or furniture that are too new or too shiny, but materials with an outdated aesthetic. Avoid too much metal and glass, which will make the room look more modern. Pick up large areas of exposed wood instead. Layering different wood colors and textures can create a warm and inviting backdrop for your kitchen decor. Whatever wood you use in the kitchen, the key to avoiding a heavy wood “wall” is to balance the other finishes in the room, such as lightly painted walls and simple handles.

Prioritize materials that create a warm and welcoming environment

bohemian kitchen decor wood furniture white kitchen cabinets

Which curtains do you choose for a bohemian kitchen?

There are different styles of window treatments that go well with bohemian decor, not just curtains, but also blinds and shutters. When choosing window treatments for bohemian decor, the most important things to consider are color, pattern and texture. Curtains are the most obvious choice for bohemian window treatments. As emblems of the classic bohemian style, curtains with their bold colors and textures can add a strong statement to any room. But the curtains don’t have to be at all costs: white and sheer curtains are often used to give a touch of softness and purity to a bohemian decor.

Bohemian kitchen decor provides the perfect antidote to the crazy world around us. With all five senses brought together in the kitchen, there are wonderful opportunities to create a bohemian vibe. Introduce natural materials, such as cotton, wood, rattan, ceramic, green. Do not forget to complement the style with the right colors.

Introduce natural materials, such as cotton, wood, rattan, ceramic, green

bohemian wood and white marble kitchen worktop

Know that you can definitely mix styles to create a kitchen with character. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to combine the warm, personal elements of bohemian decor with the rustic charm of a country kitchen. Both styles are based on natural materials, including wood and stone, and exhibit a similar aesthetic. The main difference between the two styles is in the color scheme. The boho-style decor tends to brighter and bolder tones, while the colors of a country kitchen are neutral. To balance the two styles, opt for colorful accents such as rugs, light fixtures or unique furniture in a more neutral decor.

Mix styles to create a kitchen with character

natural bohemian cuisine that combines plants and natural materials

Create a focal point in the decor

bohemian style kitchen tiles on boho style wall

Focus on natural elements

bohemian atmosphere kitchen in neutral tones and wood

bohemian outdoor kitchen turquoise kitchen cabinets brick wall

boho kitchen in light tones

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