Ahmed Laaouej denounces a liberal crisis and calls for price freezes and a tax on excess profits

The president of the Brussels PS federation, Ahmed Laaouej, called on Sunday for the creation of a social shield against the consequences of the crisis identified in the field of energy and food. This should be accompanied by the maintenance of automatic indexation of wages and benefits, a pay increase, a price freeze and access to free primary care.

“We are experiencing another liberal crisis. Energy and food prices are rising because we are told that there is a problem with supply and demand in the market, even though we learn that the profits and excess profits of certain multinationals of these sectors break all records. This is what happens when you let the market economy take its course, said the leader of the Brussels socialists who gathered in Laeken on Sunday at a meeting organized in collaboration with the representatives of the ABVV and the socialist mutual insurance companies on the occasion of the Day of Labour.

Mr Laaouej recalled that the socialists had introduced a bill to freeze prices in parliament.

He also expressed the wish of the PS to tax “excess profits” to redistribute them among the population

“Free primary care is the foundation of a system that needs to be broader, in particular to reduce waiting times for specialist appointments as part of a public journey from family medicine to specialist medicine,” he added. In his view, this primary care, like public hospitals, should be strengthened. It has to be through a network that is as close to the people as possible to have a first line of defense against major public health problems such as an epidemic.

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Incidentally, the president of the Brussels socialists doubted the sincerity of the social discourse of some ecologists in the fight against global warming. “For these reasons, we want to build social housing in less densely populated areas, such as Chant des Cailles,” he said, attacking local environmentalists who a discourse “social at first glance, but antisocial when it comes to housing” at their home.

Mr Laaouej asked the Brussels regional Ecolo to take a position on this dossier.

He also wondered what game did the MR play? by wanting to “make you believe that it is by resonating and by downplaying the far right by elevating it to an interlocutor that we will make it move back”.

Nor did he spare the chairman of the Flemish Socialists, Conner Rousseau, who recently claimed that he had the impression that he was not in Belgium when he moved to Molenbeek. “We will not let anyone wipe their feet on us, on the altar of bad electoral calculations. Let it be clear: your speech will never pass us by”, Ahmed Laaouej said again for the attention of the chairman of Vooruit.

Like the president of the Mutualités Socialistes, Jean-Pascal Labille, who accused the Flemish socialist tenor of resorting to a gutter communication, the secretary-general of the ABVV Brussels, Estelle Ceulemans, was even stricter against the chairman of Vooruit. “Conner Rousseau’s comments are not only problematic for Molenbeek and the actions taken on the ground in favor of living together, nor because they Brussels bashing† They are because they are racist,” she said.

Estelle Ceulemans has promised warm social autumn because after largely supporting the economic sector in the face of the crisis related to the pandemic, she says it is time to increase support for workers. The FGTB will continue to demand the revision of the 1996 law that fixes the wage margin and blocks any significant wage increase, she said.

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