Football: Rodez at the foot of the mountain of Toulouse

Entangled in his dizzying streak of 18 games without a win, Rodez welcomes the leader Toulouse, Monday, May 2 at 8:45 p.m., for a derby in which regional supremacy will be overshadowed by the urgency to preserve blood and gold and the opportunity to work together to work the title of champion in the ascent on the side of Téfécé.

Geography isn’t everything. Toulouse may be Rodez’s closest opponent in Ligue 2, but it is also the furthest away from it in many ways.

Having stood side by side for two seasons on the second floor of French football, the two clubs have written their pasts at different heights, between a Téfécé who often visited the elite and a Raf who has been mainly a resident for the past 25 years. of the CFA. year.

Their trajectories will also shift again, as the Violets have validated their Ligue 1 ticket since their win over Niort (2-0) on Monday, April 25. Unlike last season, the Pink City club concretized on the ground its status as the championship favorite, the one who presented himself at the start line with the biggest budget.

“We are going to play against half of the typical Ligue 2 team”

Also on these levels, the contrast between neighbors is striking as Rodez has one of the most modest purses in Ligue 2 and is still fighting to keep it. The shapes of the moment are also on the antipodes, as the formation that has taken the most points since the beginning of the year will go to the lawn of the last of the class during the return phase, from the victory since December 3.

These elements say a lot about the gulf between the two teams and about the enormous challenge facing Laurent Peyrelade’s men. “We are going to play against half of the typical Ligue 2 team”, warned the blood and gold coach. At the foot of the mountain, the players have to level up to overcome the difficulties, those who need points to renew their lease in the division. Virtual play-offs If we consider that Quevilly should have won a game against Nancy, the Ruthénois are still in the game, despite their run of 18 games without a win, hoping for a continuation before the play-offs, especially thanks to the favorable results on Saturday 30 April.

Disappointments to overcome

To overcome the peaks, at the end of a week of three matches and as many disappointments, you have to find the mental resources against Paris FC (0-1), Nancy (1-1) and Nîmes (2-3 ). Each time, the Aveyronnais left the field with a head full of regret and a sense of having come very close to a more favorable outcome.

These torments culminated in defeat at the Gard: after trailing by two goals at the start of the second period, the Blood and Gold missed several opportunities to take the lead and lost in stoppage time following a blunder by their goalkeeper, Lionel Mpasi . “These are misclassified scenariosLaurent Peyrelade noted. In these situations you have to show above-average mental strength.”

An essential element to achieve tonight what would be a real performance, or even half of one by dividing the points, to increase their chances for the last two encounters of the season. And incidentally to dig an almost final hole at Dunkirk, the first relegation. “This game is a chance to stay, it should make us furious”launched the coach.

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What state of mind on the part of Toulouse?

To achieve a successful result, he insisted on the need: “have a formidable efficiency” and “to be well connected, with the will to suffer and to play”“But it doesn’t just depend on us”he also admitted. Indeed, it will be decisive to know at what level the spirit of conquest of Toulouse will be, which misses only one point to take the crown of champion. However, the Ruthénois’ ability to outdo themselves in the derby is unprovable, those who took a draw in the first leg (1-1) and defeated the Haut-Garonnais at home (1-0) last season.

Even though it is put into perspective by the sporting commitment at the end of the season, the regional rivalry will also have a place in this game, five months after a confrontation that was completed in an electric atmosphere in the Stadium. The atmosphere promises to be special today, as Rémy Boissier’s partners should benefit from the support of a Paul-Lignon who is fully committed to their cause, while many Toulouse supporters plan to follow the match near the stadium, on the forecourt of the village hall. Now only one question remains: will the scent of the great night awaken Raf from his deep sleep?

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