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BAC SES. Economics and Social Sciences will continue to be a test of the Baccalaureate 2022 for candidates who have completed specialist training. Between now and the exam, high school students have a few days to revise, but what will the subject of the test be?

Economics and social sciences were the showpiece of the former ES branch of the baccalaureate. Since the reform of the baccalaureate degree, the discipline has become a special education that high school students can freely choose, and those who have taken the SES courses in the first and last year are currently preparing for the written test. As the title of the course indicates, economics and social sciences, as well as transversal courses, are announced in the program of the exam, which will be organized between 11 and 13 May. Very often students have a preference between economics subjects and more sociological subjects, but you have to work together as much and sometimes concentrate on the least popular subject to have a chance on your side on D-Day. exact date of the test and indications about the content of the exam, Linternaute gives you all the necessary information about the SES specialty test.

When does the specialization exam in economic and social sciences take place in the baccalaureate?

The exam session for the specialty exams is short, May 11-13, limiting exam date options. The first details indicate that, according to the specialized site l’Etudiant, the test is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon 11 or Thursday 12 noon, from 2 to 6 pm. The exact date should be known in the coming days.

What are the possible subjects for the SES test?

The economics and social sciences program is compressed with one major economic theme, another predominantly sociological, and a third called “cross-references”, which mixes the two topics, meaning the revisions are significant. It is highly recommended to master all the subjects included in the program to pass the test, but in order to lighten the workload of the candidates, the Ministry of National Education has distinguished certain sub-themes of the program. For example, from this year on, some subjects will only be assessed in even years during baccalaureate sessions, others in odd years and the most important subjects will remain potential subjects each year. According to this new classification, these are the topics that can be covered during the economic and social sciences test:

For economy:

  • What are the sources and challenges of economic growth?
  • What are the foundations of international trade and internationalization of production?
  • Which economic policy in the European framework?

For social sciences:

  • How is contemporary French society structured?
  • What will change in work and employment?
  • How to explain political engagement in democratic societies?

For cross-cutting topics:

What inequalities are compatible with differing views of social justice?

The economic and social sciences specialization test lasts four hours. For this specialism, candidates can choose between two subjects: a graduation topic based on a documentary file or a composite test subject. If they choose the dissertation, the candidates have to answer only one question, but in a detailed and above all reasoned way. The composite test is divided into two parts. The first, compulsory and common to all candidates, is a reasoning exercise based on a documentary file, which is scored out of ten points. Candidates then have a choice of the second part of the composite exam, they can decide to answer one knowledge mobilization question worth four points and complete a document assessment for six points or answer three knowledge mobilization questions for a total of ten points.

To cover all topics of the program and give candidates a better chance of success, each part of the test covers different topics from the program. Note that the dissertation and the third part of the composite test (the document study) deal with different themes of the SES program.

When will the results of the SES test be published?

A priori, the results of the specialty test in economics and social sciences will be available on July 5, at the same time as the results of the other tests (French, Philosophy and Major Oral). The fact that specialization courses are evaluated one month earlier does not affect the publication of the results.

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