Loire-Atlantique: with its clothes you can cycle to work

Sophie Blouin with the linen polo shirts and t-shirts she sells. ©Hebdo de Sevre et Maine

How dress going to bike to work † This is a question to which there is not always an answer. And who maybe? to block for those who want to use this means of transport† Not easy to be too good looking on the bike then on office† Traces of to sweatsmells and soil… can indeed have an effect foil† HAS ClissonSophie Blouin has investigated this matter.

Bicycle enthusiast and builder

Firstly because the Clissonnaise is a passionate little queen. Mainly because of his appearance hiking VelodysseeVia RhonaCanal du Midi and Loire by bike to oulm Germany) were the tracks his holidays for the past twelve years with her husband. “We’ll say we’re almost a thousand miles a year laughs the one who has also registered in the club of grooves to leaf through paths and small roads of the region on Sunday morning, in miniature band “The bicycle is my balance, she doesn’t hesitate to say. Thanks to him I can handle it Awareness demon environment † But this activity doesn’t stop at the leisure aspect.

The bike is also a moving means until to go to work† Sophie and Jean Luc Barassad are part of the community of ” motorcyclists » : it is estimated at 2.1% in France† HAS Nantesit would be a few 11,500. Village of La Dourie where he lives until the Clisson stationthereafter Nantes . station until carquefou where he works, for example, is the almost daily path of the business strategy director of the Nantes School of Design. “Since he doesn’t have the opportunity to shower or change, it’s better to… comfortable clothesdenotes the one who originally has one education in the jobs in the clothing industry† This is the second factor that made him interested in the subject. She worked at Sadev for about ten years in Geneston† In this textile industry she worked in the ready-to-wear and with patronage clothes.

Linen polos and t-shirts

Forced to refocus after a liquidationshe converted to the ecommerce. “The company was Sorinieres† I just happened to go there bicyclealso by train to trustshe slips. She sells hiking accessories† But especially from Asia. It wasn’t there anymore fitness with my philosophy† To make nature activities with chemicals on the back I thought there was more consistency”† It was then that his imagination gave birth to the everyday bicycle.

The project took shape a little over a year later, on summer 2021† She finds the key in the linen

Linen is a material that has the advantages of being thermoregulatory (keeps you warm when it’s cold and vice versa), dries quickly and retains odors.

Sophie Blouin, Head of Daily Bike

“But also for a French know-how† We are the first producers in the world† We know the knit for the places in roll such as the company Bugis (dawn) I work with. We know how to run with the company Safilin, which even moves in the northto be Polish units† And then the fabric is cut and assembled into clothing at the Manufacture de Clisson, a few miles from my house.

For now only in polo and T-shirt until short sleeves† Silky pieces that can be kept under clothes.

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Linen has, among other things, the property of being thermoregulatory.
Linen has, among other things, the property of being thermoregulatory. ©Daily Bike

“It’s practical, ethical and chic”

Sophie Blouin.

She thinks of other parts to Long Sleeves, like the cardigans† Then maybe later in jeansin hemp† The time at the marketing† late last year, Christmas launched the first sales. Today, Daily Bike is known to the FUB (Cycling Users Federation) of the Chamber of Commerce and to the European Flax and Hemp Confederation. A few copies are at the Talbicyclette in the center of Clisson† And the rest to order internet† Although the road to fame is still long, the cyclist tastes like attempt

Daily bike, contact: 06 75 17 21 43. Information at https://www.daily-bike.com.

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