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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Founded in 1974 under the name Publitest, FLUXEA supports thousands of technicians in France and Europe through technical documentation and illustrated methods. Interview with the company’s manager, Olivier Aufrère.

Can you describe in a few words the activity of your FLUXEA company?

Our company FLUXEA has been specialized in providing technical documentation for garages for many years. Very concretely, our goal is to help these professionals by explaining to them the specificities of each car, in order to facilitate their work.

It is now impossible for a mechanic to keep all the data of all the cars on the market. To give you an idea, thirty years ago there were only four different types of motor oil, today there are more than a hundred!

So our company wants to provide clear information, but also provide accurate methodological explanations to facilitate repairs by quickly having the right information.

For which type of garage are these technical documents and methodological advice intended?

Every day we work with a very wide variety of players. Our largest customer is the Mobivia group, better known under the Norauto or Midas brands, which we support throughout Europe.

In addition, we also bring our expertise to medium-sized garages, but also to small neighborhood garages, which generally have the same problems.

What challenges does your business need today?

We are on the brink of a major revolution around the electric vehicle, even though we are told that the thermal vehicles are gradually disappearing.

However, the electric vehicle raises several problems for mechanics. On the one hand, many of them are not trained to repair these vehicles (especially in the field of power electronics), on the other hand, these cars require much simpler maintenance, which can mean a significant loss of turnover. Through these vehicles, the mechanics also have to follow a very specific methodology, for example to make it safe by interrupting the electrical circuit.

In addition, we are facing a second revolution around the self-driving car. While not yet widely available, the sensors that will equip these vehicles already exist (emergency brake radars, blind spot cameras, lane crossing cameras, etc.) checking their proper functioning to ensure the safety of the occupants .

So the mission of FLUXEA is to support mechanics in adapting to these ongoing revolutions?

Exactly, FLUXEA must therefore support all these players by giving them access to these new types of information.

The aim is to help them sustain their business for the long term by ensuring that everyone can develop expertise related to these new types of vehicles, even if some mechanics choose to continue repairing until retirement. on the market.

What are the values ​​that have made FLUXEA successful since it was founded in 1974?

The core of our company is partly based on listening to the problems that technicians raise. Our desire then is to look up the information where it is – sometimes research is involved! – enable these professionals to easily access it and solve the problems they encounter.

FLUXEA manages to stand out from the competition precisely thanks to the attentiveness, proximity and responsiveness of our teams and our technical assistance.

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