This trendy cut that will be on everyone’s mind this summer, so try it out now!

After the wind of retro in our wardrobe and all our accessories, it’s now up to our mane to make a hit with this popular summer hairstyle.

The vintage look is really gaining momentum this year. And it is still gaining ground. He literally wants to dress us from head to toe. With babies, extra wide soles, neon colours.

Now it’s up to our haircut to take a hit. And Gen Z stars validate them all. A quick look at the fashion, we reveal this year’s summer hairstyle!

Mini Braids: The Summer Hairstyle to Adopt With Your Eyes Closed!

The retro is now experienced on a daily basis. Is it still fair to call it that? Indeed, what could be more topical than XXL outsoles and oversized outfits? And yet we are swimming in the middle of spring 2022. One thing is certain: fashion may change, but style remains! This is all the more true with the comeback of trends from our childhood.

After that, the clothing fashion of the time of our youth returns to the carpet. The 2022 summer haircut gets a big boost from the relics of the past. The mini braids are everywhere now and everyone wants to adopt them. The main reason is that this hairstyle has multiple advantages. We’ll talk about it right away.

Baby braids come first easy to make† Indeed, they do not require any specific know-how. If only to braid the hair strands. Of course, this is not given to everyone. However, it is enough to learn. In addition, a simple twist can also prove its worth on the hair for a simple and quick look.

Speaking of speed, this summer hairstyle is done in a jiffy. Indeed, a very parallel line and you’re done. We then arm ourselves with our comb or brush to detangle the hair to make braiding easier. This haircut was does not take much time† It’s no longer a matter of lying on your dressing table for hours before heading out the door!

Baby braids are the trend of great fashionistas

When we talk about fashion, we immediately think of a number of public figures. The face of the Levi’s brand for a few years is one of them. As you know it’s aboutHailey Bieber† Much to the delight of her fans, the model decided to adopt this trendy hairstyle. For a little Hailey touch in your everyday life, nothing could be easier. Play with mini braids.

The two models of the Kardashian family have also validated this hairstyle. An influence of the designer Joseph Altuzarra during fashion week. The baby braids crowned the manes of all the models parading the red carpet. The virus spread quickly and Kardashian-Jenner sisters

But we don’t stop there. Two other parents have also decided to wear this haircut and not leave it until the summer. It’s about Bella and Gigi Hadid † A summer hairstyle that can be seen on all public figures. It will flood every corner of the beach during the holidays. So it’s now or never to think about personalizing your look!

If you are an indomitable fashionista, you will certainly not run out of ideas to vary your summer hairstyle. However, beginners will find it difficult to bring out the harmony they seek. Yet this timeless hairstyle can be done decorated with various accessories† You can get inspiration from decorating ordinary braids.

How do you get a summer haircut if you don’t know how to braid?

It seems that knowing how to make mats with the hair is the only prerequisite for wearing the summer hairstyle. But if you don’t know how to do it, do you absolutely have to call on a professional hairdresser? Well no, we can adopt baby braids in a different way. If you don’t know how to braid, Gigi Hadid’s style is the one to adopt.

the baby bubble braids is an even more simplified version of this hairstyle for the summer of 2022. Just take the two strands that frame the face and tie them with small rubber bands! The only requirement: find the ideal distance between the two that follow each other and align it with the knots on the other strand! Twists are also a great escape.

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