We take you behind the scenes of the Ikea store opening in Nice on May 11th

On May 11 at 10 am, Ikea Nice Saint-Isidore will finally welcome the public of Nice and Riviera. You don’t have to go to the Var to find your kitchen or your bed. Another five good weeks and the Swedish furniture giant will open its complex in the Var plain. Near the Allianz Riviera stadium. That is to say, for the total enclosure of the store an area of ​​32,000m2, of which 24,000 are reserved for the sales area only.

Between the filing of the building permit in 2016 and the inauguration, 6 years will have passed, interspersed with legal action, incarceration, delay. The construction site, which started in October 2018, was completed early this year. Since the end of February, interior fittings have been installed on the two levels of the building, hidden under a roof of 3,100 photovoltaic panels and 10,000 m2 of vegetated areas.

More than 360 employees, 85% of whom are from the region, will work there under the leadership of Patrick Cazorla.

For now, 120 people are busy giving life and style to the Swedish brand, whose products are known for being accessible in terms of price, functionality, design and durability thanks to innovative materials. And follow a methodically signposted circuit, from the residential atmospheres to the Swedish grocery store behind the cash registers.

The salmon is not yet in the fridges, but the preparations are going well so that everything is ready on “D” day. Fragments from a walk in a perfectly organized and motivated anthill.

The “furniture self-service” area

The “furniture self-service” area, at the end of the store. Photo Cyril Dodergny.

Here is the “furniture self-service” section, located on the ground floor of the store, at the end of the visit, where you can pick up your ordered furniture upstream, on the upper floor, where all the atmospheres dedicated to the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the office, the storage room, the changing rooms… Spectacular space because of its size, its length, its height, but also because of the activity that takes place there during several weeks in the morning and at night. Of the 250 people who are present at the heart of the Ikea site, 120 are deployed for the furnishing and furnishing of the store, and in particular for this nerve center of the complex. Here ten trucks daily unload the goods from the depots. A logistics team, on foot or on lifts, takes care of receiving the products, preparing the storage areas, positioning the pallets on the shelves. A real beehive. Also noisy as we also test all security alarms.

Individualized spaces

Great care is taken in setting up the decor, even drawing on the walls. Photo Cyril Dodergny.

2. At Ikea, nothing is done by chance. Each location is there to make people immediately understand the style, the specificity of the atmosphere presented. In order to respond even better to the expectations of customers on the Côte d’Azur, 300 home visits were made to private individuals. The exterior (garden and terrace), storage, the relationship with the kitchen, rather open to share the pleasure of the table, are the main trends. To express these broad strokes, “leading interior design” is there to transform the plans into a furnished, life-size setting. Likewise, decorators go so far as to draw on the walls, to see concepts through to the end. “A bit as if people lived here”says Patrick Cazorla.

Universes side by side above

On the lower level, all models on display will be for sale. Photo Cyril Dodergny.

The visitor will successively pass through different universes located above. He will have seen multitudes of items, accessories, smart items to complete the habitat. On the lower level, all the models on display will be for sale, be it kitchenware, crockery, pillows, curtains, sheets, duvet covers, chair cushions, lighting… even stacks of boxes to assemble, pack, move and also the tools reserved for handymen who prefer to assemble their furniture themselves. Let the less resourceful be reassured: “ We also offer delivery, furniture assembly and installation of kitchens, bedrooms… at home.” Relief!

Two months of interior design

Everything should be ready by the end of April. Photo Cyril Dodergny.

“The layout of the 24,000 m2 sales area started at the end of February. Everything will be ready at the end of April. article. The work is tedious and painstaking.”

Practical information

> Ikea Nice Saint-Isidore, 20, rue Alain-Mimoun.
> The shop is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 8 pm.
Project financing and after-sales service: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8pm
> Restaurant: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm Bistro on site or to take away. Swedish grocery store with specialties to eat on site or at home.
> An “app” to download so as not to miss the opening: “Club Ikea Family”.

The number

1,700: this is the number of parking spaces integrated under the building, which will be free for Ikea customers.

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