6 novelties inspired by Grece Ghanem

What are the fashion trends for women over 50 this year? What to wear to stay on new clothes during the coming cold months? An autumn dress 2021 or beige winter trousers? We present you the six novelties of the vogue universe, straight from the clothing style of Grece Ghanem! So, which fall-winter 2021/2022 trend is made for you?

Who is Grece Ghanem?

The 56-year-old Grece Ghanem has more than 700,000 followers on her Instagram account, has already appeared on the prestigious pages of Vogue and is leaning towards more and more daring looks. The Lebanese-born Montrealer holds a master’s degree in microbiology but now works as a model, influencer, fashion blogger and personal trainer. In addition to inspiring everyday fashion trends, Ghanem affirms that style knows no age. And in this context, the editors have exposed the fashion trends autumn-winter 2021/2022, especially inspired by this very fashionable woman!

Autumn-Winter 2021/2022 trend: the 6 fashion novelties inspired by Grece Ghanem!

women's fashion 50 years old modern fashion trend autumn winter 2021 2022 greece ghanem style

The drop in temperatures allows us to take our clothing style to the next level to keep abreast of the fashion trends for 2021/2022. And as we just mentioned above, these will be inspired by the flawless style of Grece Ghanem, whose incredible gray bob seems to be her signature.

Remember, the trend of the moment is self-acceptance, which has given the green light to gray haircuts that allow you to say goodbye to monthly coloring! So, what’s the first fashion trend for Fall-Winter 2021/2022?

Oversized sleeveless down jacket

fashion autumn winter 2022 woman 50 years old greece ghanem style sleeveless down jacket leather wide pants

Oversized coat, oversized shirt… it is finally the turn of the sleeveless down jacket to make its appearance in the “plus size” trend. And Grece Ghanem knows how to wear this timeless piece: wide black leather pants and a fine knit sweater combined with matching ankle boots for a sober look that advocates women’s fashion over 50. All you have to do is complete your outfit with a trendy winter handbag 2021-2022 and that’s it!

big pants

women's clothing 50 years greece ghanem style beige wide pants fashion trends autumn-winter 2021 2022

Supple, elegant and always in fashion, wide-leg pants will last through the years without creasing. The fashion of this winter 2021-2022 glorifies this garment in beige and allows us to show an elegant and modern silhouette. Can be combined with high-heeled shoes or Chelsea boots with large notched soles, which we’ll talk about later in our article.

The long coat as an autumn-winter trend to adopt

women's clothing 50 years old trend greece ghanem style trend autumn winter 2021 2022 long coats tops in color

What is the fall-winter 2021/2022 trend without a long elegant coat that exudes elegance and good taste? So, in order to be completely in the fashion trends of 2021 and stay warm this season, we do not recommend depriving yourself of the refined long coat. Whether it’s a model in classic black or another colorful one, you’re certainly spoiled for choice.


women's fashion 50 years autumn 2021 greece ghanem style this winter fashion clothes in trunks sweater knitted dress

This is a timeless trend that we enjoy wearing during the colder months. In the end, there’s nothing like a good turtleneck sweater to keep you warm and have a modern style at the same time. Don’t forget about knitted dresses that, contrary to popular belief, can also be worn by women over 50. On the color side, think of blue, purple, but also a very specific shade that has entered the fashion trends for autumn-winter 2021/2022: a rather specific green that we will tell you about in a moment.

Ankle boots with coarse carved soles

women's fashion 50 years winter 2021 greece ghanem style trends fashion 2021 chelsea boots with chunky soles long knit dress

What do the fashion trends have in store for us this winter 2021 in terms of shoes? We’ll answer you right away: ankle boots with large notched soles! Though reminiscent of the combat style, these boots are indeed quite comfortable, protect feet in the rain and certainly have the wind in their sails. The winning combination? A knit dress paired with chunky-cut-soled Chelsea boots to replicate Grece Ghanem’s impeccable style!

fashion tip: do not hesitate to give preference to colored soles for a perfect look in the autumn-winter 2021/202 trends.

womens fashion over 50 fall winter 2021 2022 trends greek ghanem style ankle boots with chunky carved soles

Here’s another example of shoes with big carved soles that Grece Ghanem associated with a colorful outfit to stay totally on the fashion trends for Fall-Winter 2021/2022! We also see another piece in fashion, namely the long coat, but this time in leather.

THE trendy color for autumn-winter 2021/2022

autumn winter fashion 2022 woman 50 years greece ghanem style wide pants trend color 2021 green

Finally, let’s reveal this fall-winter 2021/2022 color that will dominate the fashion style of women’s clothing! Halfway between neon and fir, this particular green adds a touch of joy and celebration to our modern looks.

*Image credit: Instagram Grece Ghanem

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