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Putting together a 90s outfit isn’t as easy as you think. But thanks to some advice and the inventory of a boutique specializing in vintage clothing, the suitcase is in the bag. To help you out, we’ve selected some must-have 90s style pieces from La Boutique du Vintage. The boutique in question is the primary source of inspiration for all things retro and has cultivated a love of vintage fashion for 30 years through clothing that is elegant, durable and practical. To discover in the following lines, our selection: the nineties special.

Characteristic of the 90s is the fact that we loved colors and did not hesitate to abuse them. From the colorful bomber jacket to the oversized sweater we wore colorful, like the famous rapper Notorious BIG. Made from corduroy or other soft and enveloping materials, 90s sweaters are perfect for winter. From here on, our first featured piece is this gorgeous, colorful sweater that would go great with jeans or vintage track pants. A very precious find unearthed in the women’s section of the Boutique du Vintage. Put on your jeans for a 90s look.

A colorful sweater – the star of your winter 90s outfit

The crop top

At the top, the crop top was another popular piece for rebellious girls. And if showing your belly button back then was a provocation frowned upon by parents, today the crop top is being reinvented and adopted in all subtlety. Take, for example, this gorgeous crop-top t-shirt from San Francisco that balances two vintage trends from the 90s. T-shirts and sweatshirts with logo.

A crop top t-shirt with logo for summer

vintage t-shirt san francisco crop the vintage store black color

denim, denim, denim

The absolute trend we see everywhere in the 90s is denim. Represented as a single piece or as a total look, jeans are the real must-have of the 90s. When it comes to this material, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether the famous oversized denim jacket, a shirt, overalls, a skirt or the very characteristic mom jeans – the denim outfit would always be present in the wardrobe of the 90s.

Classic mom jeans with pink accents

vintage pants with double button the shop for trendy vintage mom jeans

Scottish mini skirt

To give a preppy look, the Scottish print has no equal. Get inspired by 90s teen fashion as seen in the cult movie ignorant, with the iconic tartan jackets and skirts. A lovely vintage skirt will be added to our shopping list at the Boutique du Vintage. Made from tweed, it is reminiscent of those vintage English school uniforms, so characteristic of the last decade of the last century. Wear with a white t-shirt/monochrome sweater and checkered or plain jacket for a more or less distinct 90s look.

vintage checkered skirt the vintage shop tartan mini skirt

The checkered shirt

The plaid shirt, dressed men and women, fans of grunge fashion. If you are a man, you can opt for this beautiful vintage-inspired shirt. Wear it with a plain T-shirt (preferably white) and ripped, baggy or plain straight jeans. As for the shirt, like the bomber jacket, you can adopt a colorful model or one printed with small colorful and cheerful patterns.

Men’s fashion represented by the famous plaid shirt

men's vintage checked shirt la boutique du vintage color white and blue

XXL shoes and the choker necklace

It has already become clear that minimalism is not the best word to describe the era in question. This is also observed at the level of the shoe. In the 90s, fitting the shoe on a platform was common practice. From trainers to sandals, the wedge had a prominent place in the fashion trends that were current at the time. On the accessories side, do not hesitate to use the emblematic choker necklace reminiscent of a real tattoo. Finally, the Vintage store offers you these beautiful sunglasses to complete your look on a high note.

Complete your look with 90s style glasses

vintage retro sunglasses the vintage shop

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