Chef Ghislaine Arabian in Cherbourg: “We are going to celebrate the sea around the kitchen”

From left to right: Ghislaine Arabian, Bernard Cauvin and Marie Sauce-Bourreau. (© La Presse de la Manche)

“Throughout the year we will organize big parties to symbolize this anniversary”, launches Bernard Cauvin, CEO of La Cite de la Merwho thinks big to celebrate 20 years of Cherbourg Maritime Museum

“Croc’la Mer”

In addition to the planned events around the aquarium and the various activities on the tourist site, gastronomy will be honored this year, especially in September.

Indeed, the management collaborated with Marie Sauce-Bourreau, the founder of a company specializing in the organization of gastronomic events, in particular the national culinary competition “Trophée des Léopards”.

Together, they envisioned “Croc’la Mer”, a competition in which mackerel and prawns take center stage in a 100% Norman recipe.

The first chef to achieve 2 stars

The idea † Collect 36 candidates who have to go to great lengths to present their most beautiful plate.

We are people of the sea, in the Cotentin and in Normandy we have to rely on our know-how.

Bernard CauvinCEO of La Cite de la Mer

Before, “ a first-class jury had to be created”, says Marie Sauce-Bourreau, also president of the association of Toques Françaises.

Several renowned chefs will be present, including: Ghislaine Arabian, the first woman to achieve two stars at the Michelin guide in front of his restaurant in Lille, then at the Ledoyen Pavilion in Paris.

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At 73 years old and “terrible in a match”, she is also known for her participation in the show top chef on M6, from 2010 to 2014

The jury

The jury, chaired by Ghislaine Arabian, will consist of Bernard Cauvin, President of the Cité de la Mer; Christian Têtedoie, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and President of the Master Chefs of France; Pierre Marion, chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Pily in Cherbourg; Philippe Hardy, chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Mascaret in Blainville-sur-Mer; Emmanuel Marie, Head of the Prefect of Manche; Marie-Jo Germon, current head of the State Department; Danielle Crost, chef at gourmet restaurant Le Castor in Crémieu; Jonathan Datin, chef at L’Edulis restaurant in Granville; Hendrik Jansen van der Sligte, chef at restaurant Le Landemer in Urville-Nacqueville; Rémi Lebon, chef of the Chez Fernand restaurant in Paris; Michel Bruneau, former star chef; and Mickaël Mouragnon, chef of the Palais de la Légion d’honneur.

Amateurs & Professionals

The participants, selected in the dossier after submitting an application describing the recipe they will come up with on D-Day, will be able to: amateurs or professionals in the kitchen.

There are two categories and two winners, Marie Sauce-Bourreau warns. Any significant person with a degree in cooking is considered a professional. This means that an apprentice in a restaurant, for example, is considered an amateur.

Marie Sauce BeulPresident of the Toques Françaises and organizer of the competition

This mix of amateurs and professionals is a “real asset” for Ghislaine Arabian, who will be present at the Cité de la Mer on Monday, May 2, 2022 to unveil this event.

We can see two different worlds in total context. Amateurs can surprise us and take the risk of daring in the kitchen. Besides, I’m one, because I don’t have a degree…

Ghislaine Arabicstar chef

Each candidate has: 45 minutes to prepare your dish on the spot, installed in the center of the main hall of La Cité de la Mer and its 6,000 m2.

Various activities and exhibitions will also be offered to the public.

“We are going to celebrate the sea around the kitchen”, the two-star chef exults.

Culinary competition “Croc’la Mer” on Saturday, September 17 at La Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg. Registration open until June 10 at

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