Emily in Paris: Lily Collins’ Fashion Style in Season 2 on Netflix

the patroness ofEmily unable to accept her dream job in Paris because she is pregnant, the generalized phobia of fat, the allusion that it is better to smoke than to eat, the largely caricatured portrayal of the French or even Emily’s unjustified criticism of the Lou Maltani’s Pizzeria chain. .. You have to admit, a large number of details are not discussed Emily in Paris.

Photo: Netflix credit

Photo: Netflix credit

And then… There is fashion. Frankly and (a bit) melodramatic, that bothered me the most. Many articles have described Emily’s great taste, such as her berets, her Eiffel Tower prints, her 6-inch stiletto heel boots, her endless wardrobe of quirky coats and jackets… Where exactly does she get all that faux fur and holographic motorcycle jackets? If her clothes seem “extremely kitsch” and totally unsuitable for the world of work, it must be remembered that Emily, still in Chicago before her departure for Paris, shows up in her office in a very short mini dress with a very serious atmosphere .

A dressing room that doesn’t match the times

It is not noticeable that the outfits ofEmily are far from the way young women dress in 2020. Still, some see Emily’s wild fashion show as a nod to the spring-summer 2019 haute couture collection. Victor & Rolf premiered just before Netflix started filming. Throughout the series we are told that the character is not chic and even that Emily is not interested in fashion at all. Remember when Sylvia beats his “She doesn’t have the references

Even though she’s not so good with her looks, Emily remains a smart, observant and socially comfortable woman: she does not notice how her friends and colleagues dress. As a so-called social media expert, she should spend a lot of time on Instagram following Parisian influencers like Jeanne DamasSabina Socol and Leia Sfezo† Moreover, as a prodigy of press and marketing, she should read all magazines and fashion websites or… Vogue Runway favorite to follow Paris Fashion Week.

In summary, Emily should already have a good idea of ​​what’s really trending. But still… Her wardrobe is a mishmash of old-fashioned clothes and crazy accessories. Whether you’re in Paris, Chicago or New York, you don’t see women walking around in stiletto heels these days, but rather in sneakers, flat boots or even Birkenstocks to accompany a slip dress. Camille, the character of her French friend, refers to a more modern style. His look ? Flared jeans paired with blazers, the mini dress and flat boots combo or even an evening dress without looking overdressed… Not always incredible, Camille’s style has the advantage of being closer to real life.

Photo: Netflix credit

Photo: Netflix credit

It is likely that the showrunners Darren Star and Patricia Veld thought this treatment of style deliberately. ThatEmily in Paris officially returning for a second season, we hope that the main character will have a more inspiring wardrobe, a more trendy dressing room with designer pieces that are popular with women today and therefore outfits that are more in line with the true content of our dressing rooms.

A major makeover

For example, I have the renovation of the house in mind patoo by means of Willem Hendrik : Provencal collars and puff sleeves that match Emily’s style thanks to their playful and feminine style, while being practical and easy to wear. for the office, lily collins might consider swapping out miniskirts for casual suits and cotton dresses, which are much nicer to pair with flats or low heels rather than pointy ankle boots. Because she’s from Chicago as the creator Virgil Ablo, she should think about wearing Off-white† For her next cocktail party, one of ‘s expertly collected dresses Caroline Hue would sublimate the romance dear to Emily, who already wears many tulle skirts. Side bags, she needs to invest in one of the link crossbody’s Celine by means of Hedi Slimane† If she could spend lavishly, this? Emily more trendy would probably succumb to the entire spring-summer 2021 collection CelineEmily in Paris may not understand what today’s young women want, but Hedi Slimanehe can.

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