Fashion, an essential means of expression

Clothing style is more than a collection of pieces of cloth, but it can enable an individual to bear witness to their identity. If it can be used to convey political messages, the power of clothing also has its limits.

Clothing is a means of communication says clothing behavior analyst Luc Breton. However, he notices a certain message war because it can be difficult to determine the idea you are projecting or to correctly understand the idea conveyed by another person. † The more we want the message to be clear, the more we can hit hard with the garment he adds.

And the phenomenon is not new: it was the bourgeoisie that first created fashion from the Middle Ages to distinguish themselves from the nobility, recalls the teacher at the Ecole Supérieure de Mode de l’Europe UQAM Philippe Denis. † Fashion often assumes marginal movements, but is very quickly overtaken by the fashion system “, he explains. The professor refers in particular to the punk or hippie protest movements, which fashion artisans and artisans will eventually appropriate.

More recently, he’s thinking of United States Vice President Kamala Harris, who wore all purple during her swearing-in ceremony on January 20. Some identify this decision with a marriage of blue and red to represent the union between the Democratic and Republican parties in a deeply divided country. Mr. Denis, for his part, considers it a tribute to the suffragettes, these women who claimed their right to vote at the beginning of the 20th century and wore this color. † This is the interesting thing about clothing: it allows you to reflect, to discuss », the teacher assesses about the different perspectives that a piece of clothing can provide.

Mr. Denis also recalls the beginning of the mandate of Quebec Solidarity Member Catherine Dorion, in 2018. She was repeatedly criticized for the choice of her dress when she was in the National Assembly. Mrs. Dorion was criticized for notably wearing a Dr.-style T-shirt or boots. Martens wore. Without neglecting its importance, Mr. Dennis that “ it’s still a t-shirt “. He still believes that if the government had accepted that she wore a t-shirt to sit in, it’s like accepting that the dress code normally used could be forgotten. “More than a piece of clothing”, it marked a change in society, values ​​and ideologies,” he adds

The owner of the style company Les Effrontés, Marie-Claude Pelletier, believes that thanks to social networks, clothing is more of a means of communication. She believes they have reinforced this reality in the generations that use them more. † It depends on how you wear it and your way of being ‘ she nuances.

A vehicle of confirmation

Luc Breton also sees the choice of clothing as a “ self-projection because it can be a way of conveying our moods. However, he believes that you must first know who you are in order to become a powerful tool.

From a young age, fashion has always been a way for me to express my creativity, show who I am, my personality says content creator Cassidy Neves. On her Instagram account, she shares her different clothes with her subscribers since she joined cegep.

The right clothing affects self-esteem self », Judge Marie-Claude Pelletier. She adds that if a person feels beautiful in what they wear, it will have an impact on their image of themselves, as well as that of others. † Before you even open your mouth, people judge you by your appearance she believes.

Cassidy does not have a predefined style and can switch from one trend to another depending on her mood for the day. † when i love mine clothesI feel so much more confident and ready to face my day ”, she admits. His clothing choices are still very personal. She adds that “ it’s not to make a good impression on others, it’s really because it makes me feel good about my body.

Call illustration Lila Maitre | Montreal Campus

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