This Black Friday rival’s 10 CRAZY deals

This Wednesday morning from 7:00 am sharp, French traders will formalize thousands of good deals on their respective sites. The French Days will start with a bang this year with the most beautiful brands at reduced prices. Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger will be the main architects of this operation, which will take place from 4 to 9 May 2022.

Although the event was originally Franco-French, it won the hearts of foreign merchants such as Amazon or AliExpress. These two ogres of e-commerce don’t miss an opportunity to get people in France talking about them, and they will participate in this French Days 2022. Below are the offers already available in real time.

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The French Days have enjoyed growing success over the years. They take place twice a year, at strategic moments. The first is in early May, while the second episode takes place at the end of September. These are periods that have historically been quite quiet for e-commerce and are therefore incentivized with generous offers for this operation.

Unlike the sales, for example, the French days on Cdiscount and others do not allow you to sell at a loss. It’s the same principle for Black Friday: except during the sale, merchants are not allowed to sell their goods below their purchase price. That said, they can squeeze their margins to the max to offer generous discounts on all brands. That said, the French government actively supports the French Days.

A great success for these French Days

Faced with the importance of American Black Friday, French e-merchants wanted to create their own event. Amazon, which has dominated the French market for years, also launched its own operation with Prime Day. The French Days of Cdiscount, Fnac and company are therefore a direct and relevant response to all these foreign events.

Can we compare all these operations in e-commerce? Yes, because traders are almost as dynamic during the French days as they are during Black Friday. They aim for success and the reductions are therefore very aggressive. If the operation doesn’t yet have the popularity of Black Friday, it is still a huge commercial success.

To achieve their goal, Cdiscount and consort get great deals during the French Days. In the electronic part, for example, the major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Bose, LG, Philips, Xiaomi or Sony are featured. It is even the latest generations of products from these brands that offer great discounts.

As for the device part, we can also expect extreme discounts on a large part of the catalog. For example, the Dyson, Roborock and other Prosenics should see their prices drop by at least 30%. These high-end robot vacuums (or not) are very successful. The French Days are the perfect time to spring into action.

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As with every episode of the French Days on Cdiscount, Fnac and others, you need to know how to be ultra-responsive from the first hours. This Wednesday morning at 7:00 am sharp, you must validate your purchases to maximize the savings. The more time passes, the fewer offers are available. The most prestigious products will take off at full speed. On AliExpress, the French Days start at 9 a.m. but the discounts are already indicated.

What are the great offers of the French Days?

While generalist e-retailers are the great architects of the success of the French Days, there are a few direct brands that offer bargain prices. This is, for example, the case with the world reference NordVPN which offers a formula (worthy of an excellent Black Friday) for its VPN software and its antivirus program. This drops to 2.89 euros (instead of 10.59 euros), which makes it unbeatable. The tech editor will no doubt create a tidal wave for this operation.

Otherwise, Cdiscount will lead the operation on the retailer side. It will highlight thousands of summer products, the most beautiful high-tech brands and the big names in home appliances. Rest assured that these French Days will be the big highlight of Cdiscount for this first half of 2022. To save money, you’ve come to the right place.

Other outsiders include Amazon and AliExpress. If the former has been around for a long time with attractive flash offers, then AliExpress is in effect. As you can see higher up the list, Xiaomi will be widely represented with all its brands (Mi, Redmi, Poco etc). The world’s leading platform is also very active on Apple products, especially wireless headphones.

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The selection above is updated in real time. We therefore invite you to favorite this page to find the best offers for these French Days at any time: Cdiscount, Fnac, AliExpress or Amazon have made plans to wreak havoc with shocking offers – we have you warned. It’s on the level of a Black Friday, without the familiarity that comes with it.

Safety when buying online

When you buy online, you cannot physically “test” the product. However, retailers are required to provide you with a safety net, including during French Days and other Black Fridays. You therefore have at least 14 days to change your mind after delivery of the package, return the product and get a full refund.

Some merchants, such as Amazon, go even further, offering 30 days to change your mind. In any case, you have plenty of time to make a choice about a product at home. For the French Days, all offers will be published at the same time this Wednesday, so don’t miss out to take advantage of the best deals. And in the worst case, you can always return the product.

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