Work-study company training with the Distrisup training center

Co-facilitated training

The trade and distribution sector claims to be one of the most promising in terms of employability.

However, it is essential to have good degrees and show skills to find your place. To this end, many people turn to apprenticeship-company training.

Discover here the apprenticeship training in business administration with the training center Distrisup.

What is trading training?

The commercial profession requires technical skills in the commercial and sales world. To do this, it is essential to get a business training as it gives access to many sectors such as management, marketing, finance, etc. However, you should know that some training, although qualifying, does not award diplomas, but only offer skills.

The courses leading to diplomas in commerce are generally at Bac + 2 level and can lead to a Bac + 6. They are available as undergraduate courses, but some schools also offer work-study courses.

Work-study business administration: what are the advantages?

The work-study course in business administration mainly allows to obtain a diploma to practice in the commercial world. But apart from that, it offers many advantages.

A professional training

The apprenticeship trajectory is a real springboard to work, because the student works in the company for a relatively long time. In this way, he acquires academic knowledge, but also professional experience thanks to the various assignments entrusted to him. The student can put into practice the theoretical courses of his training in a real setting, which makes learning more exciting and dynamic. The apprenticeship trajectory also appears to be an opportunity to discover different sectors and companies during the training.

Financing for your studies

The costs of a business school education are not within everyone’s reach. If some can rely on solutions such as bank loans or scholarships, apprenticeship business training is the most cost-effective formula to finance their studies. Indeed, it allows the student to be paid by his host company. The latter can partially or fully cover the tuition fees of the salaried employee during the term of the contract.

In addition, depending on his age, level of education and signed contract, the student can receive between 25 and 80% of the minimum wage. He thus has financial means for his housing, food and other personal expenses.

Good employability

An apprenticeship in-company training increases the chance that the student will be employed by his host organization after the professionalization contract has ended. If he has mastered the responsibilities of his position and has been able to demonstrate efficiency, the company wins everything by hiring him.

Keep in mind that the work-study program allows you to become an expert in your specialty with a Bac + 5 degree. In addition, the time spent in the company helps to strengthen the skills acquired during the training. As a result, the graduate can distinguish himself from the crowd on the labor market and can also claim an above-average salary.

Work-study company training with Distrisup formation

Distrisup offers a professional trading and distribution license to anyone who wants to get a trading education. This training is accessible to holders with a bac + 2 level and willing to conduct interviews. It enables students to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge essential to practice the intended profession.

Distrisup has a network of universities and major retail chains to provide significant support to students. The latter feel more comfortable with both administrative tasks and field work. The apprenticeship training at Distrisup offers the student the opportunity to receive up to 80% of the minimum wage monthly during the entire apprenticeship period. If you want to continue your studies, you can obtain a master’s degree in Strategic Distribution Management at Distrisup.

Focus on Distrisup Training Center

Distrisup is a training center that awards diplomas for trade and distribution. It is based on a strong partnership between 18 academic institutions and major distribution companies. With these brands, Distrisup can offer a professional work-study license to facilitate the immersion of candidates in the professional environment.

The training courses offered by this center give access to all branches of mass distribution and to unique know-how. It increases your employability and strengthens your development opportunities

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