Burkina Faso Football Federation: Reconcile Lazare Banssé and the dissidents of the Executive Committee

The president of the Burkinabè Football Association and the dissidents of the FBF Executive Committee signed a memorandum of understanding for a return to peace on Wednesday, May 4, 2022. With this document, Lazare Banssé and the dissidents bury the hatchet and commit to work together for the good of Burkinabe football until the end of the mandate in 2024.

The crisis that shook the FBF is about to be resolved. In the presence of the President of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Burkina Faso (CNOSB), Jean Yaméogo, the key players pledged, through a memorandum of understanding, to work together until the end of the mandate in 2024.

According to Jean Yaméogo, who oversaw the talks, the office resulting from the August 2020 elections will be reconstituted for the remainder of the mandate. For example, the general treasurer, Idrissa Kafando, who was fired on January 6, 2021 and replaced by Moustapha Degtoumda, is returning to the Executive Committee. This is also the case with the four other members who had been dismissed and who had been successful in the courts. Everyone returns to their original position.

Jean Yaméogo, President of the CNOSB, waving the Memorandum of Understanding initialed by all 21 members of the Executive Committee of the FBF

It has also been decided that the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Burkina Faso will henceforth, if necessary, supervise the work of the Executive Committee of the FBF. “The consensus we have reached is that the Olympic Committee will monitor work, with the Executive Committee as appropriate, to enable understanding, harmony and good governance within the office. The problem we encountered was definitely a governance that didn’t please everyone,” said Jean Yaméogo.

The protagonists also decided that the current texts regulating the functioning of the FBF will serve as the basis for future actions of the FBF. “We have decided to follow the texts governing the Federation so that the Bureau can function to the satisfaction of the Bureau members and form a solid team. We are going to follow this process and gradually fix everything we noticed as shortcomings here,” added the chairman of the CNOSB. However, a committee will be convened to review these texts. The consensual texts that will emerge from the proofreading will be submitted to the Confederation of African Football.

Issa Sidibé, Second Vice-President of the FBF, initials the Memorandum of Understanding under the gaze of the President of the FBF, Lazare Banssé

The choice of the coach was also the subject of a point in the protocol. A committee has been set up to rule on the matter. Nothing has been filtered out of the commission’s work yet because, according to Jean Yaméogo, the results depend on the evaluation of the Executive Committee and the final decision of the Ministry of Sports, Youth and Employment.

For Lazare Banssé, there is hope that an agreement will be reached on the coach to be retained. “It is certain that we will reach an agreement once we have reached an agreement on the proper functioning of the committee. In the union and the agreement we will find the modus operandi that will allow us to designate the coach who will let us go to these play-offs. I think it will go well because it has already started well,” he said.

Ramdé Sibiri Jean Claude Wenceslas, member of the dissidents, signs the Memorandum of Understanding

The protagonists did not miss the General Assembly that was initially convened in Koudougou on May 28, 2022 by the president of the Burkinabe Football Association. The decision of the various parties is to postpone this general meeting to a date to be determined by the Olympic Committee. “The GA will be convened by the CNOSB. We are going to bring together as many players as possible and ask for their indulgence, their cooperation so that we can make sure football moves forward,” the CNOSB boss promised.

Dagba Raymond in conversation with Abdoulaye Zongo, a supporter of President Lazare Banssé

For the boss of the Burkinabè football association, the memorandum of understanding is a response to the call from the Burkinabè people for their team to participate in the next AFCON. “The members of the Executive Committee have decided to smoke the pipe of peace and unity. We have already found ourselves as a united team for the good of our football. We have deadlines, the people of Burkina Faso are waiting for us. We have therefore heeded the people’s call to achieve this reconciliation,” he concluded.

Jacques Theodore Balima


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