Employment, attractiveness… And if everything stopped, what economic consequences for Marseille?

“The atmosphere on the set is sad, gloomy”. Regular production manager on more beautiful life, Marc Barbault sums up the teams’ moods, still in the dark about the series’ future. “We know very well, through the writing, that they write the end arcs”, he confirms, convinced of the end of the series, at least in its form, of an almost daily broadcast on the public channel. To hear it, an official announcement from France Télévisions would be a matter of days.

“The end of the series would be primarily an economic loss, and above all a loss of income in terms of employment, responds Jean-Luc Chauvin, president of the metropolitan CCI of Aix-Marseille-Provence. more beautiful life, it is an important economic lung for television and film production in Marseille. “We will need to support the growth and establishment of local businesses in this sector to make up for this shortfall,” he adds. Indeed, according to figures from the production company Newen, the series employs 600 intermittent workers in Marseille per year.

“It’s the equivalent of a company of 120 people,” warned all of .’s technicians more beautiful life and the Regional Association of Technicians of the Southeast (ARTS) in an open letter to elected officials. “90% of them are intermittent workers, some of whom have only ever worked for more beautiful life » notes Marc Barbault. Because the series represents 580 days of filming a year, both outdoors and in the 3,700 m² of studios in the Belle de Mai media center, with the famous Place du Mistral as the main backdrop.

Occitania as a serious challenger

“It’s huge,” continues the production manager on behalf of the ARTS. In fact, this figure has to be related to the 1715 days of filming per year in the territory and which, according to the CCI, places Aix-Marseille-Provence as the second film country in France. These shoots also yield “88 million euros in annual benefits”. “Increasing the number of film days and the economic benefits they bring is a major challenge for the region,” says Renaud Muselier, president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, for whom “in this ecosystem series more beautiful life is essential. He recalled that one euro committed by the region in film and audiovisual yields 7.62 euros in total economic benefits (and 17 euros for series).

“There is a real industry and a lot of filming, things have changed for ten years and the productions are no longer happening as before with a large part of the team formed, says Marc Barbault for his part. We are at a moment of transition, where this breeding ground is recognized, a stop in more beautiful life wouldn’t come at the best time. “It remains to be seen whether the number of admissions could compensate for the loss of the daily soap opera, while Occitania, in particular such a big sunplays the serious challengers.

“There is always a way…”

With 2.5 million viewers per night and 500,000 more in replay view, more beautiful life also offers a showcase of your choice for the destination Marseille. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a better promotion than these daily credits with emblematic views. “It was an incredible spotlight on the city, its neighborhoods, its diversity,” said Marc Thépot, president of the tourist office, who had to cancel studio visits due to persistent rumors that the series would end. † For him, more beautiful life was a turning point in terms of Marseille’s attractiveness.

However, he does not give in to pessimism. “Even though we don’t share his ideas, Macron, when he’s in Marseille, it’s also a pretty picture postcard of the city. Not to mention the great opportunities to come, the Rugby World Cup, the Olympics. Intermittents have other opportunities, especially if the cinema sector is consolidating.The best is obvious.So the whole issue lies in the structuring of this sector, and in the future of the Belle de Mai media center if the main companies occupying it were to leave.

more beautiful life,,It’s a franchise that still represents 2.5 million enthusiasts, we hope it will be taken over, it seems pretty incredible to let something like that go”, Marc Barbault also wishes. And even as the screenwriters work on ending arcs, “there’s always a way to unravel the last loop,” he assures, as a fine connoisseur of the mysteries of more beautiful life

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