In the campaign, Biden unleashes his blows against the ‘far’ right that has sided with Trump

The unifying speeches, the outstretched hand to the opposition, are a thing of the past: Joe Biden, who wants to salvage his precarious control of Congress in this fall’s election, is now striking out at the ‘extreme’ vested rights in the ideas of his predecessor Donald Trump.

The journalists were called for a speech on the economy and expected the Democratic president to deliver his usual message, deliberately optimistic, about booming employment, strong growth and the fight against inflation.

The Democrat surprised by launching an unusual attack against Republicans’ projects and more specifically against what he called the “+MAGA+ movement.”

With this acronym, which he hammered out on Wednesday, Joe Biden is clearly targeting former President Donald Trump and his slogan “Make America Great Again”.

The president had started his term with a desire to turn the Trump page, advocating for the rally and assuming he would be “boring” with his major economic and social projects — many of which have been shelved for lack of sufficient funding. parliamentary majority.

– Trump as scarecrow –

A few months before the midterm parliamentary elections, historically lost by the president’s party, Joe Biden, very unpopular, has completely changed course.

It is no longer a matter of making Donald Trump forget, but on the contrary waving him – without mentioning his name directly – like a scarecrow to revive the Democratic electorate and dramatize the stakes of this election.

Joe Biden on Wednesday criticized an economic program recently unveiled by Republican Senator Rick Scott. “It’s extreme, like most things associated with the MAGA movement,” he said, blaming the opposition for wanting to tax the middle class hard.

“This MAGA movement is truly the most extreme political organization in American history, in recent American history,” Joe Biden went on to drop, questioned about the right to abortion.

According to an internal document released by Politico, the US Supreme Court is preparing to overturn the constitutional right to abortion that has existed since 1973, leaving the field open to the many conservative states that want to ban abortion.

It would be an undeniable political victory for supporters of Donald Trump, who gave the Supreme Court its current resolutely conservative dimension.

Joe Biden, though a devout Catholic, has unhesitatingly taken on the mantle of the first defender of the abortion right, investing in an area he hadn’t visited much until now: that of “culture wars”.

These “culture wars” are the many societal debates that have stirred America for decades, but in recent years have escalated to the point of dividing the country into two incompatible camps opposing the right to abortion. , gender, sexuality, parenting, religion, firearms, racial issues, and reading about the country’s history – especially when it comes to slavery and segregation.

– “Culture Wars” –

The Democratic president and his party assure that Republicans will not stop at abortion. “They’re going to try to take us back to a time when women, people of color, LGBTQ people were second-class citizens,” Senate Leader Chuck Schumer said.

“What happens if a state says LGBTQ+ kids can’t go to the same class as other kids?” Joe Biden asked on Wednesday.

The conservative website The Federalist denounced the president’s comments and criticized Democrats for spreading baseless “dystopian prophecies.”

It remains to be seen how much Donald Trump will weigh in on the Republican midterm election campaign.

A newcomer Tuesday from Ohio — a Midwestern industrial state that Joe Biden will also visit Friday — has at least confirmed his lasting influence on the party.

His foal, JD Vance, won the state’s controversial Republican primary and will face the current Democratic senator from Ohio.

“I absolutely have to thank the 45th president of the United States,” said the nominee, who had vehemently criticized the Republican billionaire in the past before swearing fealty to him.

“Many journalists (…) wanted to write an article saying that it would be the death of Donald Trump’s program for America first! Ladies and gentlemen, (this program) is not dead!” he assured.

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