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What is it like to be in Standing and what is the Re-see where journalists and influencers are invited after the show?

Backstage at the Balmain show – 2021
Photo credit: Pete Casta/ANCHORED

With the next Paris Fashion Week approaching, ANCRÉ offers you a little lexicon to approach this fashion week with words that often come from behind the scenes professionals. While some may seem obvious, such as runway or even backstage, others are often borrowed from the jargon used internally. To be nearly unbeatable on the words that outline the biggest fashion event of the year, here’s a non-exhaustive but certainly modern glossary. Take notes.

First row: Among the guests of the parades there is the cream of the crop. In other words, the VIPS or key buyers who sit at the very front. This is called the Front Row, translated as: first row.

Seats: “What’s your seat?”† What is your seat number. This also means that you will be seated while watching the procession.

standing: If you are not sitting, you are in Standing. You are invited to the parade, but because there are no more seats or you are not the main one, you will not be assigned a seat. So you will stand, as indicated by the word stand, which is derived from the verb “stand” in English, translated as “stand” in French.

coming : The word is used to define the parade address.

The decor of the Dior Spring/Summer 2020 show
Photo credit: Pete Casta

Accreditation: Applying for accreditation means asking to attend media parades. “Shit, I haven’t applied for diplomas yet”that’s what we say to ourselves while writing this article.

Fitting : Translated as “fittings”, the fittings are reserved for those who are close to the brand and come to try on a few pieces before or after the show, but also for the chosen models. This is an opportunity for the designer and his stylists to visualize all the pieces and create the looks presented during the show.

runway/catwalk: These two words are used to define the same thing: the catwalk, the place where the models will parade.

backstage : This is behind the scenes. A photographer or the models are getting ready backstage. The word slide in French is never used. Most of the terms during Fashion Week are used in English.

Queue up: When a photographer is backstage, he can shoot a few moments before the show. Lineup is when the models are lined up one after the other for the final touches.

Virgil Abloh polishes the final details at the Off-White™ Spring/Summer 2020 show
Photo credit: Pete Casta

First sight: The most important photographers or working for the most renowned publications have access to the first look. Just before taking the stage, the models pose for a set. Like during our presence at Balmain’s latest fashion show.

Face Map: To help make-up artists follow the chosen artistic direction, backstage sketches are installed, which depict the makeup intentions. Note that we prefer the term MUA (Make-Up Artist) to define a makeup artist.

Running order: The order of passage of the mannequins.

Leaf collection: Backstage at the show, photos of modified models with their final outfits are shown, allowing stylists to recreate the same looks validated by the designer and his teams during the fittings.

Show comment : On a sheet of paper that has often slipped on the chairs of the guests, the designer explains in a few words the intention of his fashion show. A summary that Virgil Abloh had turned into a dictionary of streetwear.

The Sheet Collection of the latest Jacquemus show
Photo credit: Jacquemus

Supermodels: Among the chosen models are the stars, the leaders of the parade. These are the supermodels, like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid for example at the latest Jacquemus fashion show. They are also rarely seen in the backstage.

sow: This term comes from the verb “to sow”, translated as “to give or lend”. Seeding consists of sending pieces from the future collection or old ones to influencers or personalities so that they appear in full branded look during the show. †Do you take care of the sowing? You sown the thing”, here are the words the press officers or influencers use during this event, but also throughout the year. Sometimes it’s gifts, sometimes it’s clothing loans for the occasion.

Showroom“Are you going to the showroom?”† This sentence is an invitation to join the place where the brand stores its collections. The clothes are often presented there on displays and the various fashion players can come and try on or view the collections.

Press release : Press release in French. It will be sent to journalists after the parade to find all the information related to the event. Creator’s Note, Collection Credits and Storytelling are collected on this document.

overseeding: Once the parade is presented, the press officer will send journalists and other personalities a “re-see” proposal. Installed in the brand’s showroom, the pieces can be reviewed by journalists and other contacts of the label. The ability to see better including all accessories.

Photo credit: Pete Casta

Thanks to Dior Press Officers Tommy Hilfiger and our photographer for the additional information.

January 10, 2022

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