Arianee and The Sandbox team up to realize “metaverse ready”

The Sandbox, the metaverse that empowers creators around the world to create immersive 3D worlds and gaming experiences, and Arianee, the leader in integrated web3 solutions for brands, today announced a groundbreaking collaboration. The two pioneers of web3 and NFT have teamed up to bring users the first truly hybrid brand experiences, linking the real world and the metaverse for the first time ever through the NFT.

The immersive nature of the metaverse gives an extra dimension to user experiences. Brands and NFT collectors strive to provide their communities with a seamless and seamless experience by making NFTs more useful. In particular, it is possible to obtain an NFT “IRL” (in real lifein real life) in the metaverse: that’s what experts call the “metaverse ready”

For the first time ever, Arianee and The Sandbox are bringing this concept to life, providing a simple and seamless experience that brands can now offer their customers.

The concept is simple: if you own an NFT obtained “IRL” (in real life), you can obtain the corresponding NFT in The Sandbox, and vice versa. The brands that “coin” (or “strike”) NFTs on both platforms will be able to offer this capability to their users, thanks to a simple interface. This unprecedented collaboration thus marks the beginning of the relationship between the metaverse and physical stores.† The possibilities are endless and limited only to the creativity of brands who can now offer their users physical, digital, experiential and immersive offerings.

The very first brands to deploy this unique service will be unveiled in the spring.

This collaboration strengthens thejoint ambition of Arianee and The Sandbox to benefit from Coins (digital tokens) and purses (digital wallets) as new gateways to truly omnichannel experiences

Whether it isaccessoriesbyeventsby Private sale or even from exclusive collaborationsThe Sandbox and Arianee strive for a new customer relationshipalways more personal.

In order to define directly with the brands the future practical cases arising from this collaboration, The Sandbox joins the Arianee Association, becoming the first metaverse member† Founded in 2018, Arianee has set itself the goal of becoming a leading partner for brands on the web3. The Arianee association has more than 40 members, such as Moncler, Breitling, Mugler, Panerai, IBM, Ba&Sh, IWC, Paris Fashion Week and the Richemont group.

Since the 2000s, the luxury and retail sectors have undergone profound transformations: the emergence of new communication prisms, the development of e-commerce, the deployment of uses on second-hand sales platforms and, more recently, the emergence of the metaverse phenomenon that, according to the US Forbes magazine is regularly presented by experts as one of the industry’s biggest opportunities since the internet came into being with a market estimated to be worth more than a billion dollars.

The avatar is the first element that most users can use to enter and interact with the metaverse. Owning your identity, expressing your style by importing your favorite brand into the metaverse, developing your virtual avatar are all strengths that will make our experience special. We are proud to partner with Arianee, join the association and partner with the biggest brands† †

Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and CEO of The Sandbox

“I am delighted to see that the first partner brands have seized this opportunity to push the boundaries of innovation and make connections between their traditional model and these new spaces. Their customers will now travel seamlessly between the physical, digital and immersive worlds, and we will soon see the emergence of new user experiences. †

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO and co-founder of Arianee

We had the pleasure of welcoming Sébastien Borget, co-founders of The Sandbox – at Marketing Remix in November 2021. He was joined by Frank Desvignes, Global Head of Innovation at Axa and Partner of True Global Ventures, who invested in The Sandbox.

Watch the full video of the intervention:

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