Football: Mood: When Manchester City become a 5th league team

Caught by Real, the Citizens had the last ticket they already had given away. Know in turn a scenario that we see popping up earlier in the lower ranges. And that should never happen…

Pep Guardiola comforts Phil Foden shortly after the final whistle. Elimination is difficult for Manchester City, who still qualified for the final in the 89th minute, when they led 1-0 after winning the first leg 4-3.

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We also know very well that this should not happen because we keep repeating weekend after weekend. From the coach to the substitutes and the bartender, everyone agrees… But despite all the usual recommendations, it still happens in the 4th or 5th tier, sometimes even higher in the game category pyramid.

Everyone can remember the incredible overthrow of a team that scored two goals in the closing seconds when they were 1-0 behind their lawn just moments earlier. It’s not common, but it can happen. And when that happens, we praise the character of the team that never gave up, believed in it to the end, just as we stigmatize the lack of concentration of the opposing defenders, head in the air to the point not knowing anymore why they are here.

But what we generally see earlier in our country grounds, usually in front of a few scattered people, arrived in Madrid on Wednesday night on the lawn of the Bernabeu in the semi-final of the second leg of the Champions League. An incredible outcome, in keeping with what this double clash of madness will have been (3-4, 3-1 ap).

In the role of the victim (at least consenting), a Manchester City who believes it has already put nine toes – and maybe even both feet – at the Stade de France, the scene of the final on May 28. It was to be forgotten, a fatal mistake, that on the other hand there was this Real who was capable of anything, including making the impossible possible, which the White House has made its specialty. After warming up against PSG in the quarter-finals and Chelsea in the semi-finals, the Merengues once again took cover against the Citizens, who were stuck as a team from the 5th Vaudois league would have been if they didn’t just have the right.

Dramatic Intensity

All the coaches in the world will tell you: scoring two goals in the 90th minute, in less time than it takes to concede them, should never happen, let alone in these circumstances. But City stars made the sin of hubris and mistakes usually attributed to footballers on Sunday mornings. The Citizens wanted to play so much at all costs that they compromised 2-0 security several times and forgot to properly administer the acquis, mistakenly convinced that nothing could take them off the mark.

Served by the extraordinary performance of Courtois and his gigantic boot during the 87th minute main stop, the incredible performance brought us back to our state of lovers of emotions that only sport can offer in an equally dramatic intensity. This is, without a doubt, the universal beauty of football, which can be seen as much in a grandiose Champions semi-final as it is in the lower tiers. When the irrational invites itself to provide an extraordinary emotional lift.

“I didn’t think I was in the final, we were close. But they know how to make history, we have to congratulate them.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola

It will therefore be the Parisian paradise – and a wonderful reunion with Liverpool – for Real. Hell and hell for City, finding a way to turn a success we would classify as deserved into a quack unworthy for not being admissible. Pep Guardiola remained very dignified during his defeat and did not look for excuses or subterfuge by paying tribute to the winners. “I didn’t think I was in the final, we were close, he had to admit to the media. But they know how to make history, they should be congratulated…” And the manager of sky blue to release this resounding confession as a final sanction. “Then there were these two minutes…” 120 seconds of total blackout.

The class of losers referred to the infectious happiness of the finalists. The magic of football as it can be experienced there and here, in Madrid as in Tolochenaz, Puidoux-Chexbres or Gimel.

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