Oise – Crèvecœur-le-Grand: cuisine and artists gathered in the Maminette shop

On April 30, Nicolas Denouette inaugurated his shop in Maminette. He prepares his dishes there and welcomes about twenty craftsmen who offer different products.

Nicolas Denouette was born in the cooking world. His mother Marinette was a cook. After graduating, he founded his business for ten years as a cook and caterer for events in Sarnois. During these ten years he created festive cocktails, appetizers and desserts.

Who is Maminette?

By hearing his clients ask him”but what do you put in your cocktails or in your petit fours, salty and sweet?” in 2021 he came up with the idea to create his company “Les délices de Maminette”. Maminette is the nickname her grandchildren gave to Marinette, Nicolas’ mother.

In this way he offers customers the opportunity to find their Proust madeleine. †We all have memories of the smells and tastes of the dishes on our parents’ and grandparents’ tables. Maminette, heir to precious recipes passed down from mother to daughter, invites you to find small dishes and drinks in your kitchen. All with tasty and easy-to-make preparations. With Maminette products it is possible to easily and quickly make delicious cookies, cakes, risottos, savory cakes, elaborate cocktails without artificial colors or flavors

A nice climb

Les Délices de Maminette was born in 2021. In this first year, no fewer than one hundred and forty products were launched, eighty thousand bottles ordered, two hundred markets and events visited, three employees, twelve teams of independent salespeople and eighty stores where the products are resold.

The concept developed until 2022 and the opening of a shop at 21 rue de Breteuil in a former crèperie in Crèvecœur-le-Grand.

Designers share the store

On Saturday 30 April, the Maminette boutique opened its doors.

Maminette’s shop, a space spacious enough for a kitchen large enough to prepare the products. But a shop so big that Nicolas Denouette immediately thought of sharing the space with designers he had met at various markets and events.

The makers find the means in the store to display their creations in the form of a consignment sale. That is, they deposit their products. Nicolas arranges the performance. The stock of products for restocking. And asks them in exchange for a percentage of the sales to pay the fixed costs of the store.

On the opening day, April 30, about twenty makers will share the available space. Nicolas was careful not to choose handicrafts that resemble each other. Still having requests from designers, he plans to renovate the rest of the store to eventually accommodate an additional twenty designers.

Isabelle Loret

Among the artisans, the local Isabelle Loret created L’Armoire du petit bouchon born of her passion for handicrafts

The passion for needlework has always been present in my life. In addition to my social work, I spent my weekends and vacations sewing and making basic little things. After 30 years of work, I wanted to turn my passion into my job by setting up my clothing store for children from 0 to 3 years.† I do not regret this new professional adventure that gives me pleasure in giving pleasure every day. The items are unique, personalized and above all made according to the choice of fabrics and colors of each

Only open on weekends

Shop Maminette is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 6.30pm and on Sundays and public holidays from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Except on the day of the flea market (with Ascension) when the shop is open all day.

Nicholas explains:If I wanted to open every day I would have to hire a new personBut we can’t afford it. The rest of the week is devoted to the realization of our products and the creation of new products that we could not do in Sarnois because the creative conditions did not allow it. It is not because there is now a shop that Les délices de Maminette will not continue to be present at fairs, sales or markets like this May 1st at Ets Freulet de Formerie as part of the sale

During the inauguration this Friday, April 30 at closing time of the store, a maximum of makers were present. They presented their productions to the personalities present. After the tour of the store, Nicolas Denouette, surrounded by his family, presented the history of the store and its journey. Before giving the floor to Aymeric Bourleau, Mayor, Sophie Belleperche, President of the Trade Association, Morgan Isaac, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts, Chanez Herbanne, Regional Councilor and Victor Haber-Dassault, Deputy.

They all praised the work of Nicolas Denouette and his collaborators. And above all their pleasure to see a company revive in the city, the togetherness, the know-how and the passion of all craftsmen.

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