The Banque des Territoires in Corsica: supporting the economic recovery and development of the territories.

On the occasion of the announcement of the national results of Caisse des Dépôts, of which it is one of 5 companies, Banque des Territoires takes stock of its activities in 2021 in Corsica (loans, investments, etc.), commitment to regional economic recovery.

Key figures for 2021 in Corsica

Amounts signed loans: € 51.6 million including:
– €32.4 million in social housing loans
– €19.2 million for the local public sector
Equity: €2.6 million for projects promoting social and sustainable development,
tourism and the social and solidarity economy
Financing the legal profession: € 0.8 million
Shipment revenue: €4.3 million

Banque des Territoires, an agile player at the service of territorial development and economic recovery.

A player in territorial development, the Banque des Territoires has re-mobilized in 2021 alongside its clients, local authorities and social housing organizations, to allow them to continue their territorial development projects while facing an exceptional crisis.
The goal remains the same: to provide solutions adapted to the needs of all areas as quickly as possible, so that they are more attractive, more inclusive, more sustainable and more connected.

In Corsica, the Banque des Territoires mobilized in 2021

– in order to support investment efforts in the construction and rehabilitation of social housing and to meet the needs of the territories, in 2021 the Banque des Territoires financed the construction and rehabilitation of more than 500 housing units, enabling the Corsican territory to become more inclusive . In particular, she has accompanied the OPH of the Collectivity of Corsica in operations in the heart of the city of Bastia and the ESH Erilia in construction projects in Ajaccio, Lucciana and Calenzana.
– in order to support local authorities, it has thus mobilized more than 19 million euros and allocated 20 financing for important topics for the territory, in particular the energy transition, the conservation of water resources, the development of tourism in the mountains and on the coast.
– in order to increase the attractiveness of the Corsican territory, it has contributed to the creation of a regional network of electric charging stations worth almost € 1 million.
– to support the energy and ecological transition, for more sustainable areas, it has invested more than € 1.4 million in a hydrogen production and refueling project in the Eastern Plain and in a hydrogen production and storage project. Electricity in Balagne is being structured.

Strengthening support for the legal profession

In 2021, the Banque des Territoires was present together with its clients, the legal professions (notaries, bailiffs, judicial representatives, clerks of commercial courts, bailiffs, judicial auctioneers, etc.) to help them out of the crisis and be part of the recovery.
The Banque des Territoires Corse has financed not only the creation and transformation of offices, but
also the digital and digital transitions of professionals for a total of € 800,000. In addition, 4.3 million euros worth of shipments were entrusted to the Banque des Territoires Corse.

A strong commitment to fight territorial divisions and social inequalities

The Banque des Territoires is a major player in several large-scale national programs. It is thus the privileged partner of the “Action heart of the city” and “Small cities of tomorrow” programmes.
In this context, it mobilizes all its financial and human resources, both in terms of loans and
investments than technical credits to improve the areas. In Corsica, two towns “Action heart of the city” (Ajaccio and Bastia) and nine “Small towns of tomorrow” (For Corse-du-Sud: PVD Bonifacio-Porto-Vecchio, Propriano-Sartène and Vico; For Haute – Corsica: Calvi, Corte, Ghisonaccia,
Ile-Rousse, Luri and Saint-Florent) benefit from the support of the Banque des Territoires to revive their urban centers.

Finally, the Banque des Territoires is committed to the Territoires d’industrie program launched in November 2018.

As such, it deploys loans to co-finance studies and invests with equity in the 146
areas covered by the programme. In Corsica, Acwa Robotics benefits from a
co-financing of the Banque des Territoires with the Régie des Eaux de Bastia to experiment with the
development of robots for mapping and inspecting water networks with the ambition to
service to the local communities.

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