Football – Rodez: Gregory Coelho, the surprise guest

His completely failed loan to Sète (National) forced Gregory Coelho to return to Rodez on December 1. While the right-hand side expected to live six months on the bench or in reserve, he should start in Bastia at 7pm on Saturday and may even finish the season as a starter.

“It went really well at the beginning, but as soon as we started losing, the atmosphere deteriorated quickly. If you’re not good morally, you can’t be good on the pitch. Then he was there this match at Le Mans (3-0 , August 30), where the coach let me leave after 30 minutes…” This failed loan to Sète, playing for his survival in National, hard to believe it’s Gregory Coelho’s. Especially when we think back to his performance against Toulouse (1-0) on Monday, he who almost delivered his first decisive pass in Ligue 2 thanks to his perfect cross for Malaly Dembélé (42nd). But also from his tenure at Le Havre (0-0), on January 22, where the right side, faced with the carnage of the injured Raf side, had brilliantly helped the left.

A fate that the Cadurcien far from envisioned in this Sarthe dressing room, where this nightmarish half hour then haunted his mind. Out of the Sétois group in the next two encounters, the 23-year-old player ended his painful adventure in the Hérault with 45 minutes and five complicated minutes, against Saint-Brieuc (0-0) on September 17 and Bourg-en-Bresse (2 -5) on the 24th.

Six games later without playing, the Ruthenian leaders called for him to be repatriated… It was only December 1. “I was then lucky that Rodez had many absentees (injured, anticipating departure for the African Cup of Nations …), trusts the one who went through the pre-training center of Castelmaurou. Behind was I was able to play again quite quickly, it helped me put things in perspective it’s also thanks to the people around me, the management of the club… Gregory Ursule (general manager) was the first to text me to comfort me after Le Mans I called the coach (Laurent Peyrelade), who also managed to find the right words.”

“I never thought I would turn pro”

After seeing just five L2 matches in two seasons, having blood-and-gold recruited a National 2 player (Lucas Buadès) to play in his position last summer and had to migrate to the 3rd delete”, some would have been vindictive. He plays the collective: “The first year I discovered the professional level. The second year I thought I would get more playing time. Frankly, the leaders made the right choice. It was I who made the wrong one, when I made other proposals in National .

And yet, in the absence of the injured ex-Nîmes, Gregory Coelho could end the season as starter… when his contract expires in June and an extension is being negotiated. “The worst part is that I never thought about becoming a pro… (smile) Subconsciously I may not have the plate on the floor in this situation. But my priority is not that I leave the Raf in “This division. My agent called me this morning (Thurs) and I told him I was only thinking about maintenance. When my alarm goes off, that’s the first thing that comes to mind.”

“Because I want to be one of the guys who saved the club, took back the blood and gold of the U17 category. He gave me what no one else would have ever given me, so I’d love to give him back” Sète, here we work with human people. It’s sad to say, but even if I hardly ever play, I want everyone to be as happy as I am in Rodez.”

De Lotois by origin, but Aveyronnais by adoption, nevertheless particularly appreciates his new place … in the starting line-up: “Now that I have been seen against Téfécé, more and more people are messaging me, stopping me on the street… It’s new, it’s nice… but nothing is certain.”

Gregory Coelho pleads for extra “playing time” to stay. Now is the chance to show that he deserves it.

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