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The title of Stromae’s song “Alors on danse!” will never have been more relevant in Switzerland than from 11 to 15 May. The Fête de la danse offers dozens of events of all kinds in about thirty cities in Switzerland, including 10 in French-speaking Switzerland.

The annual dance meeting introduces you to contemporary creation. The winners of the Swiss Performing Arts Awards and other dance companies (Out & About) are offering themselves a national tour for the occasion, the festival reports in a press release.

They dance in public spaces and in theatres, such as the Geneva choreographer Edouard Hue with the duo “Shiver” (Aarau, Winterthur, Fribourg). Tempo di Borea dances high on the facades of buildings (Basel, Friborg) while the Geneva choreographer Marie-Caroline Hominal stops in Lucerne with a semi-trailer and presents “Cirque Asteroid”.

The Bernese collective F dances a colorful tour through the city centers of St. Gallen and Winterthur with “Domino Race”. Finally, two heavyweights of the dance scene in German-speaking Switzerland stop: Cindy van Acker is invited to Basel with “Shadowpieces” and the ensemble Ballet Junior de Genève presents short pieces at the KKThun.


Among the many activities on offer, we can also mention the work of the Geneva choreographer Gilles Jobin. Neither streaming nor video, but a virtual dance journey wherever you want. This XR specialist has adapted his “Dance Trail” project for the Fête de la Danse.

Created in 2020 for the Sundance Film Festival, the Dance Trail app invites people around the world to dance on the street, field or at home. Viewable on your smartphone.

In Rolle, Hocus Pocus by Philippe Saire takes the young audience on a fantastic journey. This dance show continues to run after a period at the Avignon Festival in 2018.

Co-produced by the dance company Philippe Saire and the Petit Théâtre de Lausanne where it was first performed in November 2017, it even uses a double cast to ensure its tour in Europe, North America, South and Asia with almost half a thousand performances on the clock.

sea ​​anemone female

In Geneva, the Museum of Art and History invites the public for a dance tour of the hall of Greek statues, followed by an introduction to Hellenic dances. While in Lausanne, the CIE Nuna – YoungSoon Cho Jaquet evokes a hybrid and fluorescent figure – psychedelic frog, woman sea anemone or magic mushroom – for an acrobatic and colorful dance course that will delight young and old.

In Friborg, the creation Mosaïques, conceived by the Collectif Corps Exquis and the Mastazz Dance & Co company, brings together 15 male and female dancers to explore the band’s theme. And in Neuchâtel, tango duos will take over the streets of the city center for a suspended moment of danced poetry.

In French-speaking Switzerland, shows are also scheduled in Bulle, Gland, Morges, Moutier and Yverdon-les-Bains.

learn to dance

In addition to attending the shows, visitors can also experience a variety of dances ranging from afro soul move to zumba, including blues, country, bollywood dance, flamenco, hip hop, Irish dance, salsa, reggaeton, and urban dance.

There are also amateur dance companies on board. In Bern some even go to retirement homes.

The cinema is also not forgotten for this 17th edition. The SAPA Foundation, Swiss Archives for the Performing Arts, offers a program of national and international short films on the theme of dance. In French-speaking Switzerland, the films are screened in Lausanne, at the Center for Contemporary Performing Arts, Arsenic.

The Fête de la Danse is co-organized by Reso – Réseau Danse Suisse and its many volunteers, in collaboration with responsible bodies in each city participating in the event.

All events in each region are scheduled on the website and on the event’s Facebook page.

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