Valls, Cazeneuve, Cambadélis… the Socialist Party explained by those who sank it

The shortest jokes are the best. At first we laughed when we heard the PS elephants trumpeting against the election agreement between the Rose Party and La France. Those who led the boat from the left so well between 2012 and 2017 that François Hollande was forced to stop running for a second term; those who have set foot in the stirrup of a president of the republic who has made social contempt his trademark; those who have worked so hard for the PS to win only 1.7% of the vote in the first round of the presidential election; those allow themselves to teach lessons in ideological purity today.

The current leadership of the PS would jeopardize the very essence of real socialism: the holy European Union and its liberal orientation, which we must above all not try to change – François Hollande tried, he had problems – and the Republic, transformed into a cache-misere, the ultimate and unassailable incantation of those who have nothing left to betray. All this is asserted with arrogance and without a trace of remorse, appealing to Jaurès and Mitterrand.

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Too bad if the first wrote that” socialism is the republic carried out to the end with the maximum of democracy We still wonder where is socialism in the El Khomri law, where is the Republic in losing nationality and where is democracy in using 49.3. And all the worse if Mitterrand confirmed, before he turned around: Anyone who does not agree to a break with the established order (…), with capitalist society, I say, cannot be a member of the Socialist Party. Good luck convincing a left-wing voter that the CICE is breaking away from capitalism.

The establishment, Bernard Cazeneuve, seems in no hurry to change that. † The social and ecological market economy – the only one capable of combining production, welfare and work, wealth distribution and preservation of the planet – is insoluble in fighting everything, making action impossible by confusing it with exaggerated, exaggerated anger and anger, permanently aroused and maintained ‘ he wrote on Facebook on May 3, before leaving the old house for good.

The short-lived prime minister speaks of ” find the compass and drop the anemometer His “comrade” Jean-Christophe Cambadélis could take some seed. While accusing Olivier Faure of offering Jean-Luc Mélenchon the “surrender” of the PS, the former first secretary quietly confirms this Wednesday about Europe 1. We can’t go to the far left if the country goes to the right. How beautiful, a man of conviction. “Camba” may cry for the useful vote: let’s not forget that he went to the left “goes a little more to the left”, and not to the Social Democratic candidate.

“Economic, Social, Sovereign and European Regression”

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis’ sense of orientation has at least the merit of allowing us to understand how Manuel Valls can write, in a column published by The Express nice title Left Republicans, your place is next to Emmanuel Macron “that the union of the left acte” economic, social, sovereign and European regressionIt’s about saving people, rides, finances. Here we vassals ourselves so as not to be impoverished, we sell our souls so as not to lose face ‘, replies the one who crosses the Pyrenees on the basis of his electoral failures.

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Thanks to the former Prime Minister, who saved us a tedious census, thanks to this tweet from May 2. Traitors: Le Drian, Delanoë, Collomb, Parly, Castaner, Dussopt, Bourguignon… and Touraine, Guigou, Rebsamen, Meadel… and millions of voters. All traitors. Old chorus of vanishing parties and leaders who renounce values, honor and courage. So many virtues that the members of this list are undeniably adorned with, among which the former socialist Olivier Dussopt is undoubtedly an example: the latter had voted against the government budget in the National Assembly in 2017, only to defend it six days later in the Senate, after he Secretary of State responsible for the Civil Service. What justice!

But finally, let’s return to Manuel Valls’ grandstand. The caveat that follows deserves to be quoted at length, because it sums up what is left of right: Any Frenchman on the left, even if he chose Mélenchon’s bulletin in the first round out of spite, must clearly understand what a victory would mean concretely for the future “people’s union”: a return to retirement at the age of 60 with his party financial uncertainty and endangering our pension system; unilateral increase in the minimum wage, even if it means sacrificing the jobs of the most modest; repeal of the El Khomri law, work orders, unemployment insurance reform, the flat tax or even the recovery of the ISF, ignoring the improvement of the business environment that has made all this possible and thus created jobs; repeal of global security and anti-separatism laws, sacrificing the security of the French people and fighting terrorism and Islamism on the altar of a community of convenience; passage to the Sixth Republic with the risk of instability and the weakening of the authority of the state…“I’m not sure left-wing voters are scared…

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