Crypto Casino Club: How is the Metaverse Accelerating the Rise of Casino 3.0?

From GAFAM to the automotive sector, to mass distribution, including the world of luxury, art… the metaverse is the new playground for companies.

Those that have immediately adopted the trend are companies revolving around video games, entertainment and sports, and it’s not for nothing that Web3.0 has been described as the future grail of gamers with its hyper-realistic and much more immersive augmented reality. In this race, young French entrepreneurs are betting on the rise of the crypto economy around casinos. Forbes spoke to Etienne Palazzi, one of the co-founders of Crypto Casino Club.

It is a large market that is taking shape in the field of entertainment and that inspires many initiatives. The contractor Etienne Palazzi has decided to pause its e-Commerce coaching activity – which is nevertheless very profitable – to launch its casino project in the metaverse. † Today, traditional casinos mainly develop online, pure players don’t grab this still abstract technology yet. As for me, I think we need to accelerate now. », introduces the platform co-founder CryptoCasinoClub† Since the resounding announcement of Mark Zuckerberg regarding the new orientation of his group, the Parisian is convinced that the metaverse is the extension of the Internet as we know it today. He plans to join the wave of “visionaries” by taking the pole position in the assault on casino 3.0. The instigator has just completed the construction of his casino on the Sandbox platform, the most popular today.

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The man also wanted to favor the French portal over its American competitor, Decentraland. Two groundbreaking platforms that aim to develop virtual worlds based on the blockchain (in this case Ethereum). The metaverse allows users to create avatars, buy and sell digital assets… The goal? Aim for a real virtual extension to offer the user a new digital identity. Etienne Palazzi and his early collaborators are sure of that: “ Players will come to be entertained, thrive at our Crypto Casino Club rather than online casinos. More than 30 experts have worked with us to build an entire ecosystem based on Las Vegas standards. Including about twenty Builders, a dozen 2D/3D Designers, Game Makers, Terraformers, Motion Designer)… We plan to build the casino on the largest possible scale on Web 3.0. ”, share the co-founders.

Play to earn or if it makes money

With its Roman architecture and significant size, Crypto Casino Club stands out as the most successful casino in the metaverse The Sandbox, which has a total of 166,000 plots of land (its US counterpart has 90,601). Project managers are now focusing on deploying an NFT collection (Editor’s Note: ‘non-fungible token’, cryptographic token, these certificates that allow to certify the digital authenticity of an object and monetize resale ) to establish the reputation of the casino whose launch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. Holders of these NFTs receive a monthly percentage of the casino’s winnings. The vast majority of future players will be regulars at online casinos, an industry that continues to grow over the years. After a thorough market study, Etienne Palazzi is formal: We’re entering a niche with no competition, that of the metaverse, where a majority of people cultivate interest in’play to earn‘, or when ‘playing’ to win becomes a full-time job! “Smile this purported cryptophile.

A booming sector of particular interest to the industry’s heavyweights: video game publishers poised to put players at the heart of the economic model, such as the 2.0 phenomenon of social media content creators such as YouTube, Instagram and the likes . Faced with this excitement that is gripping the gaming and crypto world, the developers of the Crypto Casino Club are planning to hit hard for their launch. Their strategy also includes physical combo through physical events with the aim of animating, gathering and retaining the followers of this community casino. For example, the holders of these NFTs will have access to an exclusive party in a Las Vegas mansion, to poker tournaments between holders, among other events.

Something to appeal to fans of the genre.

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