Which veined worktop to embellish the kitchen according to the decor trends of the summer of 2022?!

Do you like to decorate? Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or the whole house, it’s always fun! On the other hand, you should start apologizing for your wallet! In general, veined countertops range from marble to granite to quartz. We’ve already talked extensively about the pros and cons of marble countertops. Now is the time to dive into the other two materials. The DeaVita team wants to help you make the right decision when it comes to decoration, durability and usability!

Veined worktop: which one to choose?

It is well known that marble countertops are not only elegant but also durable. But this is not as true as claimed! Their beauty may captivate the untrained eye of the customer, but the stats speak for themselves. Marble is much softer than granite, making it less durable and susceptible to scratches and heat. On the other hand, when it comes to quartz and granite, we have to say we have our winners! The choice between the two is difficult, but not impossible. We want to show you how they differ and you decide which one best suits your kitchen and your lifestyle. So without further ado, we want to inspire you to get started with the kitchen trends of 2022!

Advantages and disadvantages of quartz

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Quartz is the softest and most beautiful choice. Most people don’t like granite because it looks solid and can be an eyesore. Quartz, on the other hand, is delicate and comes in angelic colors with subtle veining patterns running through it. Here are the pros and cons of quartz countertops:


  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Sustainability
  • Stain resistance (be careful when using turmeric though)
  • They are scratch resistant
  • They are very easy to clean thanks to their smooth surface.

Cons :

  • Costs ! Unfortunately, because it is non-porous, quartz is more expensive than other materials.
  • It is prone to heat damage! Quartz stone itself is heat resistant. However, due to the way quartz countertops are made (with resin), they are less durable when it comes to heat resistance!
  • You cannot install it yourself. So that means more money spent, less money saved.

Advantages and disadvantages of granite

granite vein worktop

Granite, on the other hand, is highly sought after. With an impeccable reputation as a wonder surface, the granite worktop has been around for many years and will continue to be at the top for years to come! Here are the advantages and disadvantages of granite:


  • It adds value to your home and does not depreciate over the years!
  • It is very hygienic – bacterial infections do not exist. Unlike the laminate worktop.
  • It is heat resistant because it is made of heat and pressure! So there’s no need to take out the wooden board every time you take out your homemade pizza!
  • You can clean it very easily.

Cons :

  • The price ! Granite itself is expensive and labor-intensive installation can cost three times the cost of the material.
  • This material is eternal. So if you get tired of the same decor fast, you won’t like it!
  • The surface does not appeal to everyone because of the patterns!

Photo Gallery: Veined Worksheet

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Which veined worktop to choose: granite or quartz?

kitchen design trends 2022

Kitchen trend 2022: the look in green is intoxicating!

green quartz countertop

Trendy kitchen 2022 Pinterest: mix and match with colors!

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Veined Worktop: Is Marble Durable Enough?

laminate countertop

The granite countertop steals the hearts of practical people!

granite countertops

Quartz and its angelic white… What a dream!

white quartz countertop

Veined worktop: if you want to save, try his laminate copies!

quartz countertop

They give the kitchen a very stylish look.

beige kitchen with laminate worktop

They are quite expensive, but well worth it!

trendy kitchen design 2022

How about a black veined worktop? Yes !

trendy kitchen design 2022

Green is definitely readers’ favorite color!

trendy veined worktop

Navy blue and white give the illusion that you are at sea!

trendy kitchen worktop 2022

It always looks stylish and clean!

granite worktop

Make a nice contrast with a dark wooden floor and white counters!

marble worktop

Or opt for a lighter colored wood…

quartz or granite worktop

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