How to choose your ecommerce site’s delivery methods

When setting up an ecommerce site, it is imperative to select delivery methods adapted to all needs. But how to choose between these options, to satisfy customers, to guarantee affordable, reliable and fast deliveries? We’ve listed the main delivery methods for e-commerce sites for you, as well as the criteria to consider when choosing them.

E-Commerce Delivery Methods

There are different delivery methods, adapted to different needs. They all have pros and cons, which is why it’s important for one ecommerce site to offer several. The elements that vary according to the delivery methods are the price, the delivery times and the means of recovering the parcels.

Home delivery

Home delivery is the preferred delivery method of internet users and therefore an essential option for an ecommerce site. It makes it easy to receive large or heavy packages directly at home, without incurring more travel costs. This delivery method, which is generally offered at a fairly high price, is also gaining popularity since the democratization of telecommuting.

Relay point delivery

Also very popular, pick-up point delivery allows customers to set up a pick-up point near their home to pick up their packages when they are available. This is the most economical way of delivery. Please note that delivery to a drop-off point requires a journey to collect the packages, usually within a maximum of 14 days. This time is sometimes shorter, especially in lockers that are accessible 24 hours a day.

Express or priority delivery

Intended for urgent purchases, express delivery can be delivered in less than 48 hours and sometimes even less than 24 hours. It mobilizes specialized carriers. This method of delivery is appreciated by internet users who want to collect their order as quickly as possible. Like any priority service, express delivery is usually quite expensive, but helps to satisfy customers as quickly as possible.

In-store recording (click and collect)

To avoid additional delivery charges, click and collect allows customers to have their purchase delivered directly to a brick-and-mortar brand store (or pick up if it’s already in stock). This way of withdrawing money is quite popular, but requires a special and nearby collection point.

Delivery by appointment

Appointment delivery is becoming increasingly popular and allows customers to know the exact delivery date and time of their order. As with home delivery, packages shipped in this way arrive directly at the place specified by the buyer. This is a good way of organizing delivery, despite the often quite high costs.

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How to choose delivery methods?

In order to select the right delivery methods, it is essential to consider several factors that determine the most appropriate way based on the customer’s needs.

Offer delivery methods adapted to all budgets

The price determines the choice of delivery method by customers. Not everyone is willing to allocate the same budget to delivery costs. It is for this reason that you need to provide delivery solutions that suit all budgets.

Think about setting up a low-cost delivery solution, even if that means a delay, or a pick-up via a relay point, as many internet users prefer to leave their shopping cart behind rather than pay high additional delivery costs. It is also possible to offer delivery costs above a certain order amount, to encourage consumers to validate their shopping cart or to add an item to the shopping cart to take advantage of it.

Relay points and in-store withdrawals also make it possible to avoid a certain number of returns, which is always costly for ecommerce sites.

Select different carriers

In order not to depend on a single carrier, consider offering different delivery methods offered by different companies. By doing this, you offer the customer more choice and broaden the price range regarding delivery costs.

In addition, it sometimes happens that some customers are not satisfied with a carrier, or prefer a particular carrier. By offering as many offers as possible, you enable customers to choose the one they think is best.

Among the well-known companies that offer this type of service, we find:

  • chronopost,
  • colissimo,
  • DHL,
  • DPD,
  • global relay,
  • UPS,
  • FedEx…

Be careful, also remember to take into account local carriers, who offer offers for short distance deliveries.

Think of international shipments

If you want to make international sales, it is necessary to offer suitable delivery methods (please note the prices applied, which may vary by country). Do not forget to mention the deadlines in case of international or continental delivery.

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