how to rethink customer experience in 2022?

How to rethink the customer experience and accelerate its growth in 2022? All answers in this complete guide produced by Oracle and SQLI.

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Discover the key recommendations to accelerate your growth in 2022. © Oracle

Two years after the start of the global pandemic, a new era is dawning: the ‘new normal’: a new relationship with the world. Whether from an economic, social or professional point of view, the habits adopted before the health crisis are changing, making adapting to change essential, both for brands and consumers.

There is no turning back: the emerging “new normal” seems to be a permanent phenomenon.

In this guide, the Oracle and SQLI teams have teamed up to take stock of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on brands’ digital strategies, and more specifically the nature of their e-commerce model. They also highlight 5 key recommendations to prepare for the upswing and perform sustainably in this new era of the “new normal”.

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The impact of the crisis on brands and consumers

The health crisis has caused many upheavals, which have affected businesses as well as consumer use.

On the brand side:

  • Pure players continue to strengthen their dominance.
  • The most mature omnichannel brands are reaping the rewards of their investments.
  • B2B confidence in online shopping is growing.
  • Leisure activities that are dematerialized influence purchasing behaviour.
  • Home delivery platforms are booming.

On the consumer side:

  • The internet is playing an increasingly important role in the purchasing process.
  • The expansion of the consumer population leads to more demands.
  • The psychological barriers to delivery services are diminishing.
  • Click & Collect is growing strongly.

Good to know: in the guide you will find all the consequences of the crisis, deciphered by experts from Oracle and SQLI, with supporting key figures.

If the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) are the big winners of this crisis, it seems that the latter has also “favoured” the brands that have been launched on digital commerce for several years.

5 key recommendations to accelerate growth

Thanks to their expertise, Oracle and SQLI share 5 key recommendations to accelerate growth in this “new normal”:

  1. Pushing the boundaries of the physical store: the store changes and becomes the product of a hybridization of skills and technology choices to deliver a truly shopper-centric experience.
  2. Responding to consumers’ search for meaning: new logic of arbitration between the essential and the non-essential have appeared among consumers. They changed their scale in the perception of the market available to them by becoming aware of the tangible reality of local and short circuits with one click.
  3. Accelerate initiatives in marketplaces: Marketplaces can appear as ecosystems that bring together brands, distributors, intermediaries and end users through complementary methods in terms of ‘capture and exchange’.
  4. Restore agility to the technology base: thanks to “headless” architectures based on an extensive and highly varied set of APIs. Specifically, they provide a decoupling logic between the front-end and the back-end. This decoupling makes it possible to overcome the inertia of certain IT layers and to meet specific innovation or use case needs for business teams, in very short timeframes or in “reagent”.
  5. Putting agility, collective intelligence and “test & learn” at the heart of the project approach: brands have every interest in relying on design thinking, essential for creating, recreating, brainstorming, designing, prototyping or even modeling in a “Test and Learn” logic to evolve in a fair and efficient way.

You can find more details on all these important recommendations by downloading the full guide. Just click on the link below.

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