Training to transform you into the profession of butcher

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A craft with a bright future ahead

What if you became a butcher?

As the French Confederation of Butchery, Butchery-Charcuterie, Caterers reminds us, this ancient profession is a profession with a future for all people in professional retraining or reorientation.

A profession where you can carry out activities full of meaning and strong values ​​every day: working with noble products, transforming, improving and sublimating a raw product with your own hands and where you can express your dynamism, your sense of service and your taste for direct contact with local customers.

Architect, taxi driver, lawyer, secretary, journalist, cook, professional athlete, waiter, computer scientist… candidates from all walks of life opt for this highly operational training, perfectly suited for those who want to get started quickly in the butcher’s shop.

This CQP technician butcher is the only training in France that, in these circumstances and in this artisanal context, transmits the craft of butcher, that is, to know how to work from carcasses and not from meat that has already been cut and laid out. Valentin Dive, who previously worked in the financial world, decided to start training in September. He is from the province and talks about his entry into the school: “As soon as I contacted the École Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de la Viande, I was guided in the stairs and to find a company that suited my needs. butcher shop, close to the breeders”.

A education change jobs in a year

This apprenticeship training, delivered by accredited trainers in the trade, enables students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to be hired as an employee in a traditional butcher’s shop. Valentin Dive emphasizes: “We have speakers who are the best workers in France, it is a teaching of excellence. What was perfect is that we start with 6 weeks of school where we learn the basic gestures. When you get into a company, you know how to do things, which is not common!

Recognized by the professional industry, the training provides dense content over a year with major themes covering in particular all professional technical gestures.

David Campagne, director of the ENSMV, states: “The best, if not the only way to learn the butcher trade well is to work in a laboratory: our trainees spend 90% of their time there.”

Become an employee in a butcher shop or open your own craft business

Result ? The trainees are 100% operational from the moment of obtaining their diploma, whose skills are equivalent to those obtained within the framework of the CAP Boucher. In the purest tradition of the trade, the National School of Meat Trades inspires respect for product and quality in its students. It guarantees 100% rapid integration anywhere in France for all its graduates who want to perpetuate a meaningful and useful profession on a daily basis. The aim of this training is simple: to integrate the traditional butchery sector, climb the social ladder at your own pace: remain as an employee for 2-3 years and then consider a gradual evolution in function of your ambitions.

Candidates in a hurry, who already have a high level of education, consider setting up a butcher’s shop at the end of the training. Indeed, transmission/recovery options exist all over France and are numerous. In addition to this CQP, the ENSMV also offers additional courses to provide the basics and the most important keys to opening your own business, such as the brand new 5-day training dedicated to the creation/acquisition of a butcher shop or the Merchant Manager course Unit.

The National School of Life Professionsande a high place to train

The National School of Meat Trades has become essential for training in the meat trade and is recognized by the entire profession. The ENSMV is a real campus with its own restaurant and an accommodation capacity of 60 places, allowing trainees from all over France to come to Paris in the best conditions for an apprenticeship trajectory. Founded in 1957 by the Confédération Française de la Boucherie, Boucherie-Charcuterie, Caterers, it aims to pass on the ancestral know-how of the profession, so that the profession is passed on from generation to generation. Valentin Dive, 28, is the one we pass the torch to, he is the happy future of this very important profession.

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