“I have always had a very developed community life”

A remarkable international experience

Master’s Degree in Business Strategy from the Sorbonne in his pocket, Stéphane Kusic soon becomes a sales manager† After three years as sector manager at Unilever, he joined France Telecom, more specifically the Itineris mobile arm, which became Orange in 2000.

“Then I was tasked with working on global rebranding between the French teams and the English teams”, specifies Stéphane Kusic. During this mission, he disseminates best practices within the 40 subsidiaries of the new entity and also travels the world.

“During a visit to Lebanon, the general manager of the local subsidiary offered me the position of sales manager in Beirut. When I was only 30 years old, I seized the opportunity!”the manager remembers. He therefore moved to the Lebanese capitaland discovers cunning businessmen, shrewd interlocutors, and very cunning negotiators.

But he manages to expand the distribution network there, until now in a cartel. “A wonderful two-year adventure, satisfying and satisfying my adventurous nature”summarizes Stéphane Kusic.

Discovery Manager

This spirit of openness and discovery has been maintained by Stéphane Kusic throughout his career. Especially when he joined Verisure in 2016. A company with a sales force of 500 salespeople, but a turnover of 70%, and above all a model of direct sales to private individuals that he has never known before. To understand it better, he approached the Federation of Direct Sales (FVD) of which he became director.

It is a difficult profession, where the interrogation is permanent † not everyone is cut out for door-to-door sales”, acknowledges the commercial director. Indeed, in this particularly difficult sales exercise, many give up after just a few months. “Sellers need to be properly trained and supported to perform in direct sales, otherwise it will be exhaustion…”analyzes Stéphane Kusic.

Thereby, led Verisure’s commercial management from 2016 to 2020he established academic training for the sales force, revised the compensation system for sales managers to encourage them on the performance of their teams, and conducted major external and internal hires.

The sales force has doubled in four yearsas well as turnover, and he manages to gain the trust of his teams, he who does not come off the field.

question ourselves

When the Covid crisis hit, Stéphane Kusic was then newly appointed commercial director of Nowystyl France, a company specializing in office furniture and workspaces. It just bought out a competing brand, Majencia. “I was hired to merge the two sales forces and become a market leader”specifies Stéphane Kusic.

He loves :

Innovation: sometimes you make mistakes when you innovate. Reiterate makes the improvement process possible

Craftsmanship: I admire people who are skilled with their hands who possess the art of designing decorative, aesthetic, artistic, creative and cultural objects or services

Agility in change.

He does not like :

immobilism: the aversion to change which consists in wanting and seeking to obtain through various forms of oppositional behavior, the maintenance of the status quo through procrastination

The formal bureaucracy : it leads to cumbersome and rigid administrative actions

dogmas: they are for me the manifestation of intellectual rigidity and bigotry.

Unfortunately, since March 2020, the activity at Nowystyl Majencia has not been good and the mission of the commercial director becomes very different. “Large corporate tenders have slowed significantly and a broad restructuring plan had to be adopted”he complains. If he sees that from a legal and financial point of view, he has learned a lot, the human experience is no less interesting

It is in this turbulent economic context that Stéphane Kusic decides to follow a Global Executive Master in Strategic Management at HEC Paris, which he completes with a Certificate in Innovative Project Management at the Ecole Polytechnique. “With the Covid crisis, I had to refresh my knowledge, develop new skills and focus on the most promising sectors, namely new technologies”, explains this optimist. A quality that, according to him, also “makes the difference in a gloomy context”.

Networker and communicator

Stéphane Kusic was Commercial Director of Clear Channel from 2008 to 2015, a major player in display advertising. A milestone in his career, which has earned him several awards and accolades within the profession. “I discovered the advertising world that I had not known until then. One of my greatest pride in this position is that I have contributed to building a blue ocean: the local communication market”he testifies.

Working together with the advertising world will undoubtedly further strengthen his communication skills, as well as the building and maintenance of his network. “I have always had a very developed community life: the DCF, the IFA, the FVD before and HEC now. I feed on all these encounters”declares the person who does not forget that a customer of today can become your employer of tomorrow.

General management objective!

Stéphane Kusic continues to explore all facets of the business world. “I was and still am a director of several companies. I bring my vision on commercial and financial performance. I love this position”he maintains.

He wishes to find this financial and strategic dimension, as well as the understanding and structure of the management of a company, in his daily life. “I aspire to be associated with my company’s capital and join the general management”reveals Stéphane Kusic, who also has a great interest in new technologies and internet jobs.

Which he finds perfect in the business model of Mr. Menuiserie, of which he has been commercial director since January 2022† The company relies not only on a growing network of physical stores for advice, animation and support, but also and above all on e-commerce, where sales take place online.

“I was approached by a recruitment agency that introduced me to Emin Alaca, the young founder of the company. I was seduced by this unique and original phygital model”, he says. There is still a new adventure ahead of him.

His 3 mentors

Confucian: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life again”

Steve Jobs (apple): “Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower”

Ed Catmull (Pixar): “Your employees are smart. That’s why you recruited them. So treat them that way. †

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