The 92nd Brignoles Fair puts Provencal cuisine in the spotlight

Broadcast on giant screens placed outside, Paulette and Simone’s food is mouth-watering. Minced garlic mixes with desalted anchovies in a bath of olive oil: more Provencal, there is no such thing. It’s exactly this kitchen”of the poor, families and accessible to all” who want to promote the two retired girlfriends, member of the “Friends of Provencal cuisine”, an association of La Roquebrussanne.

All this under the watchful eye of Sarah Quaranta, known under the pseudonym “Sarahtatouille” on YouTube, who returns for the second year to animate the kitchen stand in the Foire de Brignoles.

And it works: the curious stop around the stoves, smell the scent of bubbling bagna-caouda.

“It’s a kind of anchoiade, but then called”, says Paulette. It is ready in a very short time: sliced ​​​​vegetables are immersed in the soup and eaten with pleasure.

“What I like is to share, to exchange”

A formula that comes four times a day† “Twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon I make a small recipe, explains the kitchen influencer. By always making use of the products that are presented on the stands of the Fair. As a result, those who taste them want to see them. Smart.

But not clear: “I had a few ideas the first few days, but now I’m leaving a bit of a blank slate every day.”

But fear not, Sarah knows that inspiration will not be lacking thanks to the many products presented next to it. †I saw the artichokes, I’m thinking of offering a barigoule in my own way. But maybe also chicken with local honey, or risotto with saffron that I saw there.” And that’s not even talking about goat cheeses, which could go well with asparagus…

Ideas, many, but sometimes also a helping hand. Because like Paulette and Simone, speakers will be behind the pans all week this Sunday morning. A way for the chef to express her love of cooking, made for sharing. †What I like about this activity is the sharing, the exchange. I will never be locked in a kitchen. That’s where I like it.”

And she’s not alone!

Amateur chefs at the top for the Sunday competition

Three, two, one: go-ahead! This Sunday, in the middle of the afternoon, six participants competed behind the stoves, for an anthological contest consisting of dramas, inversions of situations and even a little blood… Candidates who were very seriously involved in their recipes, therefore, tried to seduce impartial judges, despite their facade smiles.

Rest assured, even though the amateur chefs have really given their all, it’s mostly in a good mood, sharing and the desire to have fun. David, Souheyla, Chloé, Harry, Danièle, Nathalie and Bernadette offered dishes”very varied” under the watchful eye of Sarah Quaranta and the other judges.

From the start, everyone jumped on the ingredients provided. Products often from neighboring stands. The theme: two snacks. Time: one hour. The audience: excited.

On the Bernadette side, we start with a trout guacamole. Lack of luck, the lawyers lack maturity, and, scandal, no pepper!

Nathalie, for her part, tries the artichoke caviar. The vegetable resists the attack of the knife and the knife bends towards the meat of the stove!

Next, Chloé shares an unlikely – but tasty – savory tiramisu, while David impresses with his mastery of improv.

Tik tok, the clock is ticking, everyone gives everything, because in the end a result that often meets expectations. The podium in order: David, Chloé, Souheyla.

The winners will leave with their prize (martel CHR utensils or a gift basket offered by the city), but above all with souvenirs… salt.

Provence in the spotlight

After putting in a pan 25 grams of butter, 100 gr. olive oil, one or two cloves of finely chopped garlic and a glass of desalted anchovies, deboned and cut into fillets, everything must be heated.

Little by little. Be careful, the garlic should remain white while the anchovies melt. Result: bagna-caouda, a kind of hot anchovy, which is eaten as an aperitif with raw vegetables.

Here is the recipe proposed by Paulette and Simone, during the workshop on Sunday morning. It won’t be the only Provencal dish brewed this week.

“We got an offer to participate, but we didn’t want to compete with real chefs. We are an association, our idea is to share, pass on these Provencal recipes. And finally, the project fits well.”

So the Friends of Provencal cuisine, based in La Roquebrussanne, respond positively to the call.

And discover these recipes to be saved from obscurity. †We also offer parent-child the ladies.

There is simply.

Information on the Facebook page of the association “Les Amis de la Cuisine Provençale”

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