An open kitchen for a striking interior

An open kitchen that completely blends into your interior? At Krëfel Kitchens you have come to the right place to turn this room into a real jewel of design and functionality.

In the 1990s, kitchens were mainly ‘separate’ spaces. Tiles in dull or bright colors, neon lights, yellowed Formica furniture, various household appliances… The most important thing was the sidepractical and functional† The aesthetic? She was way behind. After all, there was only to close the door. But that was before. The kitchen is now a mood piece and the trend is open† We come here to chat, have a drink, telecommute, cook together. Normal therefore that it demands to be seen and that it spreads more and more to the rest of the house, encroaching on the living room, dining room and laundry room. But how do you keep a visual consistency between such different living rooms?

“Hide These Devices I Can’t See”

If you want a kitchen that fits into your interior, consider this room a decor element as such. Understand: we hide everything that stings the eyes! Embed what’s embedded (dishwasher, fridge, oven) and think of cabinets with hinged flaps, which allow you to hide the coffee machine or the robot for easy removal when needed. Much more elegant than all those devices that clutter the counter.

The need for an island

l’central island is THE connecting factor par excellence, which will bridge the gap between your kitchen and your living/dining room. But at the same time, this super-convenient block marks a certain idea of ​​​​separation. In short, the best of both worlds. Accessible from all sides, you can sit down, cook or place aperitif trays. You can even make a bar on one side to have lunch or work on your laptop in peace there (never far from the fridge to counteract the slack)

We no longer sulk the laundry room

Cleverly arranged, this often all-encompassing piece can be a extra storage space noticeable (with the placement of tall cabinets, shelves and drawers for provisions, kitchen utensils, waste sorting, etc.). The secret ? Adopt the same style and same materials then in the kitchen, so that the passage between the rooms is smooth. If the laundry room is next to your kitchen, it can also serve as an aextension concrete† In this case, it makes more sense to divide the elements in both rooms. You can even open or pierce the walls for a much more spacious look.

Consistency is key

In order for the transition between living room and kitchen to be coherent, everything is done by eye. Choose identical colors and materials, or suggest combinations that work. Floors can be used as: visual link between the two rooms for a nice continuity† Use the same fronts as those of your kitchen cabinets for your TV cabinet or, for example, match the top of your dining table to your worktop. You can also play with the details, patterns and pops of color scattered here and there in your kitchen and living area. At Kitchens Krëfel you will not only find high-end kitchens, but also furniture that is completely tailored to the chosen type of kitchen.

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Krefel Kitchens

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