From Briey to Metz, the “love rooms” seduce

These love nests, sometimes set aside several months in advance to spend a romantic or torrid night, are attracting more and more couples.

Karine Strub is convinced of that: the big cities do not have a monopoly on love rooms. Val de Briey also has assets to promote, starting with the water, ideal for romantic walks. †We’re still a sub-prefecture, with pretty terraced gardens and the Moineville Recreation Center a few miles away», sums up de Briotine, captivated by her adopted congregation. The reservation book for his “sweet room”, located in the lower town, seems to prove him right. †The opening took place on 1er May and all weekends are already taken until the end of June. We are also starting to welcome couples on weekdays“, rejoices the manager who carried out all the work with her husband.

The clientele of LBD (Les Bosseurs du Dimanche) mainly consists of young people from the Pays-Haut. †They come on the occasion of a birthday, a wedding night or just to spoil themselves. Currently, the age of the tenants is rather between 20 and 35 years.Reservations are accepted by both men and women. †It’s 50-50, but women ask a lot more questions than men before making a decision. They ask for towels, bathrobes…laughs Karine Strub.

If in the coming months a “dark room” with a bunk bed and many other sadomasochistic accessories will be decorated on the first floor of the house, the “sweet room”, installed in a separate apartment on the ground floor, will bemuch softer“. It includes a kitchen, a spa, a double column and a large bed.”The handcuffs at the entrance to the bathroom are quite discreet and a curtain hides the bedroom mirror», Karine Strub wants to clarify.

The price per night varies between 180 and 235 euros, depending on the day. †Breakfast is included and we adapt to the request. For example, on the occasion of a wedding night we place satin sheets.Karine Strub could hire someone in the future. As a good entrepreneur, she does not rule out that others in the sector will open if there is demand.

“We stay in the software”

In Metz, rooms for couples have developed in recent years. From the spa room for a chic night out to the naughtiest of places, aficionados have the choice. †This type of apartment is in fashionexplains Mickaël Amar, owner of accommodation Le Romantique and La Tentation. †The market will continue to grow.

I was the first to open a themed couples apartment in 2014“, he says. In 2018, he opened a second one in an apartment in the Coislin Towers. 50 m², with a king-size bed, a mirror on the ceiling, a massage table, a jacuzzi, an equipped kitchen, large windows and a balcony of 9 sq.m.”With this kind of service, the little details matter the most, like the chocolates or the love box. In the shower, for example, the coverage is reversed. From the outside, you can see your partner’s body, but not their face.“What attracts today is the jacuzzi,” explains Mickaël Amar. †People want to take advantage of equipment they don’t have at home.A red tantra couch has also been set up under the television. An armchair designed for relaxing or fortest positions you can’t do in bed“. In the decoration are also placed a whip, a riding crop and chains. “with the movies Fifty Shades of grey True 365 days: overnight, these practices have been democratized. They are no longer reserved for a closed audience. But we stay in the software.

Adrien Jacquot and Ronan Bardet

Well kept secrets…

In Hagondange, the love room created by Céline Toniazzo, founder of the company Les Secrets Rooms, discreet on the outside, but imposing on the inside. A king size bed overlooked by a ceiling mirror. A Jacuzzi of one cubic meter of water and a large shower in combination with a hammam delimit the “well-being” area. The naughty space is hidden at the bottom of the 120 m². For connoisseurs or the curious, there is an imposing cross of Saint Andrew, with its chains, a whip, a riding crop and a leather mask. There are no windows on the wall. Lighting for the atmosphere, and a sober and modern decor.

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