Klaxoon, a platform dedicated to animation and the organization of online workshops

Are you a trainer and looking for a platform to lead and organize online collaborative workshops? Do you give workshops with your teams and are you looking for a more professional solution than screen sharing in video? This all-in-one professional solution might interest you. Here’s what you need to know about Klaxoon, the platform for facilitating professional workshops.

With more and more employees working remotely and workshops that are often difficult to conduct face-to-face with all participants, software that specializes in facilitating remote workshops such as Klaxoon is on the rise!

Here’s an overview of the capabilities of this remote collaboration tool.

Klaxoon, a French platform 100% dedicated to the animation of workshops

Klaxoon, launched in 2015, is a French SaaS solution specializing in help with the animation of face-to-face and online workshops

Already used by more than 5,000 companies around the world, the online workshop organization solution has already succeeded in attracting all CAC40 companies and already 15% of the top 500 companies in the United States.

Klaxoon is used daily by various teams in the context of ideation workshops, project management, design thinking, team rituals, training and activity reviews.

With a 100% free version, the collaboration software also offers paid subscriptions from 9.90 euros excluding VAT/user and per month (with an annual subscription).

The most important features of Klaxoon for the animation of face-to-face or remote workshops

Klaxoon is used both on the go from the iOS and Android mobile application or face-to-face. It is also a SaaS platform that can be accessed online from any computer through the web browser.

Here’s a focus on 5 features (out of dozens of others) that make Klaxoon an ideal platform for facilitating training and group workshops:

  1. The shared whiteboard (board) with integrated video conferencing;
  2. Session, a real-time group feedback collection tool;
  3. Memo, a tool to prepare a collaborative work session with integrated interactive content (images, texts, videos, questions, surveys, etc.);
  4. Question, a module to ask open or closed questions to the entire audience in real time;
  5. Survey, a team opinion collection functionality that integrates 6 types of questions (free comment, assignment of a note, single or multiple choice question, etc.).

5 concrete use cases in a professional environment

klaxon templates templates

Klaxoon offers quite a number of workshop templates to help its users get started with the solution. Here is an overview of 5 concrete use cases:

  • Definition and monitoring of a project roadmap : from expressing need to production through validation and feedback.
  • Creating a matrix of expectations (participative RACI matrix) as part of project management. This management tool is ideal for aligning teams and clarifying everyone’s roles.
  • Facilitating face-to-face or distance learning using a board model dedicated to the complete follow-up of the training, from the reception of the participants to the exercises to the synthesis of the elements seen.
  • The realization by the employee of a report of graphic surprise automatically shared on his N+1.
  • The sprint backlog to list and keep track of all the tasks to be performed during a development sprint.

Many other templates and concrete use cases are presented on the solution site. Most can be used in the free version of the tool, within the limit of 5 active boards per free account.

This article was written by leptidigital as part of a sponsored collaboration with Klaxoon

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