7 delicious and accessible restaurants where you can invite your mother

Though it doesn’t take a specific day to show her love, mothers Daythat stands out Sunday 26 May 2022 in France, is the perfect time to be thankful to yours. Between bouquets of flowers, clothing or jewelry and sometimes even cpersonalized gifts defined according to a small budget or a more substantial one, the time may be right to make room for theexperiment† And this inevitably continues give your mother a unique experienceas promised restaurant

You can book these delicious Parisian restaurants for Mother’s Day 2022

If our entire panel ofculinary addresses is written in Paris, some restaurants occupy a place in the heart of a hotel, as is particularly the case for the Providence restaurant, the Café M, the Chiquette and the Villa M. should † One of them pushes the concept even further by introducing welfareand here’s which one.

Hotel Providence

A stone’s throw from the Grands Boulevards, but far from all the hustle and bustle, theHotel Providence is the promise of tranquility and serenity. Like a parenthesis out of time, the restaurant takes place in a rural and musical atmosphere, consisting of a terrace-garden, and an indoor fireplace and piano bar. For the mothers Day as on any other occasion, the conductor honors the same score. Sea bream tartare, Breton sardines, reconstituted Parisian croque, marinated beef in a salad… favorite of our Journalist † The Bun of king prawns, avocado, citrus fruits and chili sauce. Accessible treats for an average bill of 35 euros.

Address: 90 Rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris
Reservation: 01 46 34 34 04


On purpose vegetarianthis gastronomic address offers a whole range of savory and sweet dishes based onlawyer† A culinary signature specific to this address vegetarian who advocates the consumption of the fruit of the avocado tree. One of the restaurant’s shocking arguments? The avocado requires fewer treatments and contains 50% less pesticides than the average of other fruits. So, between avocado toasts, green wraps, generous plates and reinvented poke bowls, Avocateria stands out as the perfect address to successful weekend between mother and daughter / son† Most ? The dish + drink formula at 12 euros including 3 euros more for dessert. What become avocadovore, even if this word exists.

Addresses: 44 rue du Caire, 75002 Paris 01 44 76 02 43
52 rue Basfroi, 75011 Paris 01 45 66 44 85

Cafe M at the Hyatt Madeleine hotel

With chef Sébastien Roux playing a brand new culinary act, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment than the mothers Day to taste the flavors spring card† During the day, salads and pasta with truffle ham are on our plate, just like traditional French cuisine. In the evenings, the menu becomes more complex, introducing high-flying gourmet dishes, composed in two courses (from 47 euros), in a signature menu prepared in three stages for 63 euros, or in units for 39 euros. Mention haloed for the langoustine raviolitenderloin and strawberry Vacherin with herbal flavours.

Address: Hyatt Paris Madeleine 24 Boulevard Malesherbes, 75008 Paris
Contact person: 01 55 27 12 34


Suitable for a parenthesis in Latin America and more specifically on the Andes Cordillera for lunch or dinner, the Andia Restaurant imposes himself as master. With a whole range ofaperitivos, crudo y marinado, pescado y marisco with carne y pollo go through Empanada’s and sweet dishes with mixed influences… These dishes invite to travel and are introduced in the former La Muette station, in the heart of the 16e arrondissement of Paris, transformed into a lush jungle, as well as a green terrace. l’culinary necessity † Grilled beef and sauce aji amarillo chimichurri conducive to exoticism.

Address: 19 Chaussée de la Muette, 75016 Paris
Contact person: 01 42 15 15 31

Restaurant Chiquette in the Cinq Codet hotel

For the mothers Daythe sunday brunch of the restaurant Chiquette imposes himself like a master. The promise ? A high-flying 6-step menu, where you can taste the dishes created by chef David Maroleau. On weekdays, lunch and dinner are shared between tapas, such as aged cheeses and Iberian charcuterie, to continue with a suggestion fromExciting starters, main courses and desserts† Most ? The green patio of this renowned address, but also its close to the Grand Palais, the Rodin Museum and several art galleries, suitable for an outing worthy of a successful Mother’s Day.

Address: 5 Rue Louis Codet, 75007 Paris
Contact person: 01 53 85 15 60


Because toddler contains everything a amateur mom della cuisine italiana can dream, this restaurant is at the top of our address book list. Present in Megève, it just as well gets stuck in the French capital, and more precisely on the forecourt of the Tokyo Palace, dotted with umbrellas to bring the real Italy to life. In this festive and warm atmosphere, punctuated by flowery benches, vegetation and colorful notes, this restaurant belongs to the Paris Society group receives according to the art and manner of the Italiansand invitationsappetizer† In the foreground a bar, suggesting everything a local barista could serve: Negroni, Amaretto, Spritz, but also homemade syrups and Italian wines… Then follow generous pasta dishes made from Italian products, refined pizzas and countless sweetlike the legendary Tiramisù.

Address: Palais De Tokyo, 13 Avenue du President Wilson, 75116 Paris
Contact person: 01 40 70 86 08

Villa M

Whether or not you are from Paris, this restaurant is for everyone as it is possible to stay in the hotel? Villa M to which it is attached. A setting of modern vegetation and why stimulated with inspirations specific to the 70s. For breakfast, dinner but also brunchesthis Parisian restaurant is like an oasis of calm and makes a point of honor? the art of living and well-being† With a universe dedicated to sports, classes and training, Villa M also offers fitness care† A moment of sharing as custom made to the . to celebrate mothers Day, and give his mother a real experience. With a garden on the ground floor, a roof terrace with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and a live musical program 3 times a week, this address of the Paris Society group. Cheeseburger, Tom Yum style cod, Crispy Chicken, giant caramel heart cookie… Are on the program.

Address: Boulevard Pasteur 24, 75015 Paris
Contact person: 01 70 61 70 40

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