Green Horizons – Nantes: hotels and restaurants

Where do you put your clubs and your 48h bag?

The Jules Vernes plateau, by the surprising

Sometimes we are looking for an atypical place to live an original experience with friends or family. So let’s start with this accommodation in the heart of the city, which offers a unique decor and first-class service. The “Jules Verne Plateau” is located in the Hôtel Durbe, a sumptuous vestige of 18th century Nantes architecture and a former shipowner’s residence, on the banks of the Loire. It unites three apartments: La Nuit, Le Voyage Extraordinaire and De la Terre à la Lune (150 m² space with accommodation capacity for 10 people – 6 adults and 4 children). A perfect address to amaze young and old. The rocket kitchen, spaceship shower and moon platform bed will take you back to your childhood. Rethinking the Themes of Astronomy or Twenty thousand leagues under the seait’s much more than a place to sleep, a fantastic immersion in the writer’s universe!
86 Quai de la Fosse
44100 Nantes – France
Such an. : 06 38 44 49 98

Houses of the world

“It’s like home here, only better”† The hotel concept initiated by Maison du Monde is to offer exceptional places with sublimated decoration in the heart of the cities. The city of the dukes, Nantes, was the first destination where the hotel settled (followed by La Rochelle and then Marseille). The result of the collaboration between the furniture brand and the founders of the Vicartem group, which specializes in independent hotels, it offers 47 rooms and suites, fully furnished with the Maisons du Monde collections. The rooms are available in different themes – rock, exotic, classic chic – while the design of the apartments in turn takes inspiration from Palm Springs, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Amsterdam or Zanzibar. 5 styles of rooms so that travel and change of scenery begin in this hotel “home”. From the entrance of the hotel, design and well-being come to the rendezvous: here there is no lobby, but a warm welcome as in a living room, where furniture, decoration and plants are subtly coordinated. Further on, a refined lounge, in a contemporary decor, welcomes visitors according to their wishes, at different times of the day. With its library, its kitchen and its large cozy tables, the place invites to relaxation, conversations and exchanges, be it family, friendly or professional.

2 bis Rue Santeuil
44000 Nantes
Such an. : 02 40 73 46 68

I promise, you will taste!

Regatta Manor

For 20 years, Pascal and Loïc Pérou have always offered a cuisine of products rooted in the gastronomic tradition of the terroir of the region from father to son. Loïc Pérou thus passed on the love of the culinary arts to his family and today it is his children Mathieu and Anne-Charlotte who run the restaurant. You will enjoy fish from the Erdre, seaweed from Le Croisic, wild plants through a gastronomic cuisine of great sensitivity. Mille-feuille of smoked foie gras and Erdre catfish, Breton seaweed jam, Ikejime bream from the Erdre cooked like French toast, watercress from the vegetable garden, lemon, capers and truffle, Pearl milk from the Chapelaine farm and peanuts… the declination of gastronomic creations is extremely refined and the service is delicate and attentive. Nestled in a beautiful green setting, crossed by the Erdre, the Manoir de la Régate is in true harmony with its enchanting setting. Awarded a star (as well as a green star) in 2021 by the well-deserved famous red guide.

155 route de Gachet
44300 Nantes
Such an. : 02 40 18 02 97

lamb maccotte

A stone’s throw from the cathedral on Place Saint Pierre in the historic district, Guillaume Maccotta welcomes you to his beautiful restaurant. The name of the restaurant comes from the nickname it has been given since the first years of restoration. Maître d’hôtel for 15 years in starred restaurants, he now thrives in his own restaurant with a modern, bright and warm decor. You can discover the identity and creativity of chef Maxime Fillaut and his team through a menu composed of refined, seasonal products. Producer, locavore, creative and perfectly interpreted cuisine worth a detour.

7 rue Saint-Denis
44000 Nantes
Such an. : 02 85 37 42 30


Ideally located at the foot of the tribunal de grande instance, 1 is dedicated “to the pleasures of the palate”† The footbridge at the foot of the court will allow you to cross the Loire and reach the island of Nantes in two stages, three movements. The 1 is exactly opposite and invites you to change the sky and go green. It is a beautiful concentrate of trendy decor, surprising recipes and culinary discoveries such as scallop and mushroom ravioli, cod fillet in a chorizo ​​crust, mashed potatoes with herbs… Here the kitchen is put on show and service warms the room for a world tour of flavors led by star chef Jean-Yves Guého (L’Atlantide 1874) associated with serial restaurateur Yannick Curty (La Cigale, Le Félix, Aristide). A chic and inventive brasserie!

1 rue Olympe de Gouges
44200 Nantes
Such an. : 02 40 08 28 00

Art’N Blum

There are many beautiful culinary addresses in this district and this one is a good example of this. Alexandre Pichard in the kitchen and Valentin Maillet in the dining room take you on an original and tasty taste journey inspired by their experiences and encounters. A kitchen made of fresh and quality products that listens to the seasons. Langoustines and mint in kadaif, mango mayo, lime guacamole, snacked avocados, candied egg yolks, creamy langoustines, marinated rabbit hazelnuts and octopus, peanuts, reduced cooking juice, Jerusalem artichoke/bacon ravioli, spinach and bacon, Jerusalem artichoke mousseline…
The dishes are prepared with the accuracy of precise cooking, a balance of materials and the right spices. We appreciate the very good value for money at both lunch and dinner, the quality of the beautifully prepared plates and the attentive service.

Rue Leon Blum 10
44000 Nantes
Such an. : 02 40 89 41 56

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