which styles, colors and materials to choose to realize a modern interior?

Spring is not only the season to renew nature, but also to renovate our homes… And if you’ve always dreamed of renovating and redecorating the kitchen and the time is finally here, feel you’re probably overwhelmed with excitement, but also a little lost in the cosmos of conceptual possibilities. Reassure yourself: “How do you create a functional and aesthetic space? is the question, in capital letters, that everyone in such a situation asks. We will therefore try to give you some possible answers in the form of an inspiring photo gallery, accompanied by some useful information, all focused on kitchen trends 2022. Here we go!

Overview kitchen trends 2022

Do you know the essential key to creating your dream kitchen like a pro? You might have guessed that the big budget was the essential factor for success… In fact, all the money in the world is useless without the right basic ideas to develop! So, without further ado, here are a dozen illustrating the kitchen trends of 2022 that are simply not to be missed!

Divide and conquer

which kitchen trends 2022 semi-open design glass roof island bar living room

When it comes to the overall layout of the room, it is immediately noticeable that so-called open kitchens are still in fashion. However, we notice that the different functional spaces become a bit more autonomous due to partitions, canopies, trellises and so on. We’re probably on the brink of the semi-open design era and it’s just beautiful!

Materials to consider:

kitchen trends 2022 matt black cabinets wooden floor white marble island

Then the materials in the kitchen not only determine the stylistic appearance, but also the ease of maintenance. Of course, the wooden kitchen decoration remains an unbeatable classic, but we no longer dress the room from floor to ceiling. Depending on the desired style, you can add painted wooden cabinets, stools that prefer a rough texture, accessories of attractive species, etc.

kitchen trends what style color furniture design to choose modern decor

Minimalist kitchens, for example, tolerate less of that traditional organic material that seems straight out of mountain huts. Anyway, the kitchen trends of 2022 teach us that a natural parquet floor, a worktop or a wooden table with a raw effect are all the rage, but rarely all at the same time. What other materials should be taken into account during the creative process?

kitchen trends ideas 2022 vintage spirit terrazzo worktop

It goes without saying that marble is another classic to consider, especially if you want to add a touch of aristocracy to your home decor. Always don’t overdo it so as not to end up badly with a space devoid of artistic creativity, even downright boring. And have you already discovered the decorative effect of terrazzo as a back wall, floor covering or worktop? We can safely say that it is stone 2.0!

And what about colours?

kitchen trends 2022 what style color design decoration retro objects

You probably already know that there are colors that you should avoid in the kitchen because of their rather negative effects on our mood. So there are tones that are preferable, right? Yes, according to experts, greens are among the best shades to use when decorating this space because of their calming effect, stimulating appetite and creative thinking without overwhelming the mind at the same time.

kitchen trends 2022 decadent furniture color brass handles

However, does this theory coincide with the latest kitchen trends 2022? Well yes and no. Green is certainly one of the colors in fashion for the current year, but it is being adopted in a more reduced variety. In addition, we combine it with lots of white and light colors to balance it and make it easier to “digest”. Little by little, the white and wood kitchen that has been all the rage lately is starting to disappear.

Bohemian kitchen trends 2022 which materials color design furniture to choose from

If you want to make a bohemian kitchen, which is a super popular option in 2022, you can of course choose any color you want and put them together! Ditto for the textures! We take the exposed brick of the industrial kitchen, the kilims of exotic spaces, the cabinet colors of neoclassical designs and mix them all together in one downright magical design!

Other kitchen trends 2022

kitchen trends 2022 modern rustic style industrial chic accents

The taps and accessories in copper, brass and rose gold finishes are absolutely in

kitchen trends 2022 old style metal faucet white marble worktop

Beautiful pantry and canopies in the kitchen in neoclassical style

kitchen trends 2022 which style color design chic built-in cupboard

Farmhouse chic lovers will love this charming farmhouse sink

kitchen trends 2022 modern country country style sink tiles

Barn-style kitchen brightened up with indigo high stools as a striking accent

kitchen trends 2022 country style barn style furniture

If you want an all-white kitchen, decorate it with inviting “warm” textures

trends 2022 what style color design furniture white kitchen and wood

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