The ex-HRD who cooks the peels

B welcome to my micro restaurant! † All smiles, Frédérique Chenevier-Triquet already wears an apron in the morning, chatting with her clerk. Soché Ata, the Seasons co-cooker, peels the green asparagus in a pocket kitchen. The sun shines on the terrace of this residential street in Asnières-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine). No open space or video conferencing on the horizon. Only a dozen chairs await the barge. In a past life, Frédérique was a consultant at the American consultancy Towers Watson. As HRD Europe of the Air Liquide group, she had also walked the tarmac of the largest airports for ten years. Before he turned the page six years ago. A century ago.

“By walking on the edge of the abyss, we eventually fall into it.” The former senior executive, who is 62 today, remembers this opportunity at this consulting firm to avoid moving his family or spending his week away from his family. Left an old job with regret, and a new one included “more process, less meaning and a lot of blah blah”summarize them in slang “commercial”. “I got nice promises, got carte blanche, but I had to systematically refer all my decisions to ten people. Then a boss came to “help me”. To motivate my team, she said: “My bonus depends on your results.” A company without a soul… Money is not good for taking on any color. †

“It takes time to understand, not to reproduce”

Frédérique Chenevier-Triquet lasts a year… backwards. “One day my assistant asked if I was okay: I started crying and couldn’t stop. The roles have been reversed. She took care of me. And I never came back. † The management team loved it “tired” she was exhausted, exhausted, “like an old rope basket whose handle suddenly lets go, while it was still holding a second before”† She herself was surprised by the diagnosis made by the company doctor: burnout. His sick leave will last eighteen months. “I was lucky, I was followed closely. I didn’t rush to my dream job. It takes time to understand, not to reproduce. † The ex-director passes on a CAP. But the impostor syndrome awaits her. “I’ve always had it. Also as HRD when I was leading a team of 50 people. Like a lot of women I believe. I always feel like I’m not legit. The problem we had before converting won’t go away We’re just happier! »

So, despite her CAP, she enrolled in Ducasse school because… “it’s better than a piece of paper”. She will refine her technical gesture in internships not far from her home. But his last internship is canceled: the beleaguered restaurateur has to close. A situation he should be concerned about: the chef can no longer manage financially while his table is always full. He decides to sell the company for a pittance. The ex-HRD has owned a small amount of capital since his resignation. It is launched before it is even fully formed.

No question of strangling suppliers

“I opened the cuff, pushed by events. Without knowing all the limitations of the work…” Frédérique adapts, surrounds herself. After a year, Saisons works. The chef is even trying to relocate to expand. She will finally open a second address, Poulette, still in Asnières, serving 35 covers, against 18 for her “first baby”, and has 6 employees. She doesn’t take that “only the role of manager, I am not in the kitchen”

“Here, on a vegetable, we don’t throw anything: the peels and cores end up in our broth, our soups.”

The clock is ticking, the discussion ends before the shot. Short circuit, hunting for waste: everything has been researched to give meaning to this new profession it has built. “Here, on a vegetable, nothing is thrown away: the peels and cores are in our broth, our soups. Beet leaves are used like those of spinach, the juice is made with the carcass of poultry. † And no matter of strangling the suppliers: “I know them and never negotiate prices. † The boss also pays for 42 hour contracts and overtime, and makes sure “not to reproduce the slavery of consulting in the kitchen”† A commitment she wants to share: on the weekend of May 20 to 22, she will testify to her experience and lead a workshop at the Vocations Festival in Mirmande in the Drôme. There she meets a former senior executive turned plumber, an engineer turned novelist, a rope access technician, a submarine… The theme of this first edition? To repair.

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