a well-designed kitchen changes everything

Ikea unveils a new advertising campaign to showcase its kitchens, all with a touch of humor. The pub’s music is titled “Sh Boom Sh Boom” covered by the group The Crew Cuts.

Ikea’s 2022 marketing campaign

Functional, clear, adaptable, easy to assemble and above all for all budgets, kitchens Ikea are unanimous. The Swedish furniture giant has managed to establish itself in a few years as a reference in the furniture and decoration market in France. The specificity of Ikea kitchens? Multiple and smart storage spaces to best organize your kitchen and enjoy the evolution behind the stoves. After proving to us in its latest ad campaign that: order could survive in chaosthe Swedish brand returns with a campaign titled “A well-designed kitchen changes everything… Except you! † produced by the Buzzman agency.

The 3 ads for the Ikea 2022 campaign

The advertising campaign “A well-designed kitchen changes everything… Except you! † from Ikea presents the brand’s storage and accessories for a kitchen that suits you. These are 3 commercials that each highlight a very specific character trait of a father, with a good dose of humor.

A well-designed kitchen changes everything… Except you! the maniac

In this first film we witness a moving scene. A father who meticulously cleans his own Ikea kitchenwhile her baby spreads compote on her face. Maniac, the man controls all these accessories with precision and ensures that everything is in place down to the millimeter. Suddenly he sees a stain of compote on a kitchen unit. The father then notices that the paper towel is at the end of its life and then grabs his child’s duvet to clean the stain, intimidating silence in a gesture of conspiracy… Especially so his wife isn’t home.

A well-designed kitchen changes everything… Except you! chili pepper

In this second commercial, the father succumbs to one of his sins: gluttony. In a very ordinary everyday scene, we see him day in and day out having a bad habit of picking from his adolescent daughter’s plate. The latter, annoyed by this behavior, decides to take a little revenge, funny to say the least. She sprinkles her dessert with a spicy oil that resembles honey.

The father, always true to himself, rushes to throw his spoon into his daughter’s plate. Much to his surprise, he is overwhelmed by a wave of heat that swallows his mouth under the young girl’s laughter.

A well-designed kitchen changes everything… Except you! Cookies

In this last video we see the mother trying to make a recipe for cookies. She seems very focused and anxious for the result, as she puts precision in the preparation of her cookies which she carefully places on the baking tray. Her daughter seems to be used to this behavior and seems to have no idea of ​​the outcome of this operation. Later she hears her mother calling to get the cookies out of the oven. The result is distressing. The girl then makes the decision to end the massacre. She then opens a packet of cookies from the store and places them on the baking dish to trick Dad into believing they were made by his wife.

What is the music for the 2022 ad for Ikea?

The music you hear in the Ikea ad “A well-designed kitchen changes everything… Except you! † is like Doo Wop. This is a band title The Crew Cuts entitled “Sh Boom Sh Boom” and leave 1954† The song was originally going to be credited to the African American group the chords† It was a real hit when it was released in 1953. The song was later covered by The Crew Cuts. It is considered by purists to be the first rock ‘n roll record. The song is one of the 500 best songs of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine.

The Crew Cuts is a Canadian Doo-Wop group. It was founded in 1952 with 4 members: Rudi Maugeri, John Perkins, Ray Perkins and Pat Barrett. The Crew Cuts became famous with the cover of “Sh Boom Sh Boom” which was his greatest success. The four friends eventually split up in 1964.

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