Seine and Marne. La Petite Corne Biche, floral cuisine in the forest of Arbonne

The chef with part of his team (©RSM77)

The place

At the exit of the village of Arbonne-la-Forêt (Seine-et-Marne), the Petite Corne Biche . inn is a must for restaurants in the forest. It owes its name to the rock of the Corne-Biche which flows near the village. Almost a century-old establishment, it was an almost obligatory stopover during the early holidays and then received its letters of nobility, even hosting actors such as Bourvil of Lino Ventura when a shoot took them to the area.

Acquired by Chef Michael Haelewyn, the establishment sets out on a new gastronomic adventure. The restaurant has a room with 50 seats inside and 30 outside.

the mind

“I am wary of the term gastronomic, the young chef describes from the start, it can be priceless for certain customers. My focus is on the creative and floral kitchen. I add a touch of flowers to my dishes, both for decoration and for taste”. But here the key word is simplicity. No fancy decor, the restaurant has stayed within its framework, the staff relaxed and the cuisine is homemade. “I like this mix of modernity and tradition, modernity through the recipes I compose and tradition, that of the woodwork, the wood fires crackling in the fireplace. Whoever opens my door should feel at home† For those who know and visit the establishment, the only concession to modernity lies in the logo and I welcome all my customers with a smile. Moreover, no “Chef” or “Michael” here but just “Mika”, a signature that is also on his outfit. In summer, the chef also tells the story of

The boss

Michael Haelewyn studied at the Tecomah school, after passionately following his butcher father in Rungis from an early age “it was the best school to learn all the secrets of meat, I then went to the school and refined my internship in various gourmet restaurants ” .

Various experiences that the desire to create their own dishes, to venture the most improbable mixtures. Going alone, he dreamed of it and it was the first incarceration that made him take the plunge “if you sit at home for several months, you have time to think, weigh everything and get to work”. He teamed up with his childhood best friend, whom he simply calls David, and the restaurant reopened in September 2021, a fairly successful bet on the future.

the board

Here dominate the freshness of the products and the homemade. “I only work with fresh products and I change my menu every quarter to adapt to the seasonal influences of the ingredients used in the composition of my dishes. My credo is to innovate on a mix of land and sea as my “signature” dish. In this case, a tenderloin with oyster tartar and langoustine bisque, other popular dishes, beef tartare with caviar or veal sweetbreads tapas. For the origin of his products, the chef prefers certain large houses in Rungis, such as the Boucherie Nivernaise or La Maison Charaire. Planned this summer, for the pleasure of walkers and all gourmets, a “home-made” ice cream and tapas bar will be set up on the terrace.

sweet bread
sweet bread (©Sylvie le Trividec)


Count on €39 for the starter-main course-dessert formula, €32 for the starter-main course or main course-dessert formula. On the menu, the average ticket costs €60 excluding drinks.
On Saturday evening, the chef also offers a “tasting” food and wine list, upon reservation, at €150 per person.

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Where and when ?

The little horn lady 417, avenue de la libération – Arbonne la Forêt Tel: 01 60 66 26 34, website: Reservations are recommended. Open from Tuesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon from 12 noon to 2 pm and from 7 pm to 10 pm.

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